Thegoog - February 2023 - This Year's Love (Feb 4) + First Cut Is The Deepest (Feb 26)

Hi, I’ve been playing this one for a few years after first learning it here on Justin Guitar. This, like my other videos, is a single take. When I played it back I noticed that I sped up a little over the course of the song, might have got a bit excited! I do love David Gray, I learnt Please Forgive Me from a Justin video and am currently working on Babylon. Please let me know what you think of this one.

Just added …

The First Cut Is The Deepest - Cat Stevens here


Enjoyed that very much, Greg. Can’t say if you sped up or not but did have a sense that you were playing louder as you progressed.

The video did cut-off abruptly. I always suggest pausing for a few seconds after finishing as the last notes fade, before moving to switch off the camera.

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Hey Greg, I enjoyed this one too :slight_smile:
Good job with a single take! I didn’t actually notice it speed up

Thanks, I noticed that too. Good advice, I’ll hopefully remember to do that next time!

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Nicely played and sung Greg.

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Well played Greg, I think your singing voice fits the song really well.

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Good stuff Greg. Confidently played and sung and your voice suited the song well.
The original is of course a piano song so the strumming pattern used is an open door. I felt the one you used was perhaps a bit repetitive and a change of pattern between the different sections might help the dynamic.
Looking forward to more from you.

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Really nice relaxed strumming. and great vocals Greg, well done!

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Thanks for the feedback. You’ve given me something to think about re mixing up the strumming pattern!

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback!

Good one, Greg! You added your embellishments which is what I watch for lately, since I need work on them, which helps me in my own progress.

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Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it!

That was very nice. Good playing and singing. Yes, it did end a little sudden didn’t it.

David Gray is great. So many great songs from White ladder to learn.

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Terrific performance Greg, it’s a beautiful song which you’ve delivered excellently. I couldn’t pick out any discernible tempo change. I liked the guitar body taps, it broke up the sections nicely.

Only thing I’d comment on, apart from the super abrupt cut off :wink: , is maybe looking to have a change in strumming pattern between verse / chorus rather than keeping the same all the way through, as smooth and consistent as yours was in this. I only really point it out as it’s something I’m becoming more conscious of in my own playing and consideration of songs I’m learning as an additional way to change the dynamics a little.

Super enjoyable though, kudos for doing that on a one take!! :clap:

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll certainly see about changing up the strumming!

Gregg it doesn’t matter if you speed up or slow down it’s you playing and tell me how where you feeling when you were playing. Did you forget about all the crap that goes on around us ? This is what music is. Enjoy

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My cover of The First Cut is the Deepest by Cat Stevens.