Theory course videos not working

Videos are not working throughout this theory course

Alan @AlWats
Just tried one and it was working for me on my iPad.
What lesson in particular and what platform.
By the way welcome to the community. :grinning:

videos not working in virtually all of this course : “Sorry
Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.”

Hi Alan, @AlWats
You have come to one of the few lessons that are behind a paywall… this Theory course is very extensive and is worth the money for those who have started it ,I read that a lot and also did this myself. the first lessons are free of this course
I hope this helps you,
Greetings ,rogier

Thank you for your reply. I have however paid my subscription for both the site and for the music theory course separately. Some of the videos do work but the majority do not

Hi, @AlWats
Oh yes that’s strange and I’m not able to help you further I think…and I don’t understand what you mean by paid for the site as the use of the site is more than 95% free… but I think it might have something to do with your cookie settings/clearing history ??? but I’m calling for professional help for you :smiley:
@larynejg should I call you for this?

Thank you . I meant I had paid my JustinGuitar Tabs Subscription as well as for the Practical Music Theory Course

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Hello there!

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@AIWats - A few students who use VPN or AdBlockers are experiencing issues with our Vimeo videos. If that’s the case, please use an Incognito Window to access the courses, as that is a Vimeo limitation that we cannot change. :frowning:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hello Al.
Welcome to the community.
Thanks for following Justin’s courses and subscription to the theory course.
Laryne has already been alerted and is offering help.
Can I just ask that you please post your issue just once.
I have moved both topics to this (more appropriate) section for website functionality and merged them.

Live Music Theory Class- I didn’t know where to post this note, I hope this is OK.

I just want to thank Justin and the team for this wonderful Zoom class. Unfortunately because of the time difference and my schedule (actually taking music courses at a local community college :)) I am finding it difficult to attend the live sessions but I just watched the first theory zoom class about scales and chords and all I can say is WOW!!! At almost 70 years old and 15 months into my guitar journey this was a milestone moment for me! I even took a theory course at the local community college and it helped but I had to keep referring to Justin’s Theory course to make sense of what the Professor was teaching us (Thanks Mr. Cato :slight_smile: ).

Your explanation of the scales and the chords within the scales was brilliant! I now finaly get it! After almost 1 1/2 years of trying to understand what playing in a certain key meant, I now am beginning to understand. A huge step in my musical journey. Thanks all!