They seemed to be breeding!

When I tried to learn 20ish years ago, I like most people brought a cheap accoustic guitar. My teacher at the time recommended I get an electric guitar because it would be easier. So…

It wasn’t
Trying again 10 years later I thought I’d try a 3/4 accoustic due to a dodgy shoulder

Now another 10 years on and I’ve been working through the Justin Guitar course and practicing most days so I decided to get a travel guitar to leave in the motorhome for when I travel.

My husband decided that I would enjoy making my own guitar so he brought me a kit for my birthday.

:rofl: :rofl: :guitar:


That is a nice brood you have going there :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

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Nice little family building up there Dennise. I am sure there will opportunities to add more :sunglasses:

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Great looking lineup Dennise, looking forward to seeing that kit all done. What a great present! Any ideas for the finish?

@TheMadman_tobyjenner every day is a new opportunity Toby. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Love the guitars, Dennise, and the view of the ocean in the first pictures background.

You have some nice kit there Denise, I recognise your Peavey amp, I had one of those a few years ago! Looking forward to seeing your kit finished, I’ve got a Telecaster kit that needs some work to get it finished but there’s a few things that I’m not quite decided on yet. Just bear it in mind you always need just 1 more guitar :joy:

I have been practicing some spray painting :grimacing: but have decided against that and am now thinking a vinyl car wrap in walnut. It will be easier to remove if I stuff it up too. :rofl:


True Darrell, I’ve seen many more guitars I would like to add to the collection. :smiley:

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Yes David not a bad view for practicing, very lucky. :grinning:

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You’ve got a nice collection going there Dennise, they sure look nice, and Justin’s lessons are the place to learn!

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Very nice collection Dennise. What will be next?

With that nice flamed maple on the front I wouldn’t hide it, you could used a rubbed on lacquer (tinted if you must), it would look gorgeous!
Have a look here for some inspiration, it’s where I get mine from!

Cheers. I check it out

Think I’ll upgrade the accoustic. Maybe a Maton. My jam buddy has one and it sounds great.

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A nice looking collection you have going there Dennise. I too can’t wait to see your finished guitar. Do you still play your electric?

@DarrellW Who’d have thought of putting guns and guitars together. :laughing:

Good idea, they are very nice and it’s also being patriotic, I did that with mine, it was designed in the UK but unfortunately not put together here :worried: but that said it’s very nice!


Yes play the electric all the time, it’s my favourite.

@dennise how is that guitar kit build going??? I just got one myself and am really looking forward to checking it out.

@mari . I just had a look at your post. That is an awesome looking kit.
Mine is progressing slowly. Like you I’m trying to be patient (really hard for me). The finish is my problem… being a perfectionist I have practiced with several different finishes and what is in my head doesn’t seem to translate to my hands (I was a graphic artist believe it or not :rofl:)
I’m not really concerned about the build. I will use the components that came with the kit, see how it sounds then think about upgrades.
Good luck with your build. I look forward to seeing it finished. :wave:

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Good luck with your build too @dennise ! I don’t have a Tele so I figured that would be a good style to try :smiley: