They seemed to be breeding!

Almost finished @mari . How’s yours going?


That’s looking amazing!

Looks gorgeous, Dennise.

And there you go again, taunting and teasing me with that see view :laughing:

Thanks @RobDickinson, can’t wait to finish it and play it.

Sorry @DavidP. It’s Australia Day here in Aus so I thought it fitting to have a beach shot.


Wow what a transformation, it looks stunning. As does the beach.:sunglasses:

That is looking lovely Dennise. How much longer before you are done, do you think?

What a great view from your apartment.

Thanks @TheMadman_tobyjenner and yes a great day for the beach today. :beach_umbrella:

@SgtColon I found that they sent me 4 right hand tuner pegs and 2 left so contacted the shop I got it from and they have sent another left. Today was a public holiday so hopefully it will come tomorrow and I can finish it and start the setup, so should be ready to play in a couple of days. :guitar: :star_struck:Yes very lucky to look at this view every day.

@dennise Arrggghhh isn’t it horrible having to wait for things when you want to get something finished? Nice, I can’t wait to hear it. :slight_smile:

@dennise that looks gorgeous! I wanted to put mine together and make sure it worked and was playable first so I did that last weekend (pictures and audio demo at NGD: Solo DIY kit - #36 by mari ). Now I’m going to take it apart, finish it, and put it back together again! I’m going to be doing the finishing at a friend’s woodworking shop so that’s on hold for a while due to the number of Covid cases. I’ll leave it together for now so it’s playable, until we pick some dates for the finishing work.

A couple of questions for you if you don’t mind - Did you sand / paint / paint again / seal? Did you spray paint or hand paint? And finally, did you use shielding paint or shielding tape?

I am looking forward to the final pics and an audio clip!! :smiley:

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So I spent quite some time thinking about the finish and had a picture in my mind as to what it would look like. I got my husband to cut some guitar shapes out of ply wood to practice on. Unfortunately I couldn’'t get it to come out even close to what I had in mind. I decided to wrap the guitar in a car vinyl wrap (you can actually by guitar wraps). I’m really happy with the finish, so to answer your questions, no I didn’t paint so no need to do any shielding. :grinning:

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That looks amazing, also I’m insanely jealous of the background that you’ve got - I’ve got this item on my bucket list of being a Beach bum :joy::joy::joy:
Looking forward to hearing your new guitar when it’s finished :+1::+1::+1:

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Wrapping the guitar is an interesting idea. I did a wrap on my drone and that was a bit tricky even though all the pieces were pre-cut. The body of my DIY is flat though so it shouldn’t be too difficult, I would think your guitar would have been more complicated to wrap. I see from a quick search as well that you can get a custom wrap, so maybe that will be the way to go. Thanks for the info!



Wow that’s gorgeous Dennise.:sunglasses:


That looks awesome Dennise! It looked burgundy in the first picture. Did you change the wrap? Or is it the lighting and the angle changing the colour? Either way this finished one looks really great!! It looks like you’re playing it , too, plugged in and with a tuner clipped on. I’ll be waiting for an audio or video demo! :smiley:

(I went and looked at the first picture again, and now I can see the colour!)

Thanks @mari . No haven’t changed wrap it’s brown called walnut, so just lighting. Yes have been having a play - lots of knobs and switches. I don’t really touch the ones on my electric yet so not sure what I’m doing. I have a jam buddy coming over soon so maybe she will have some idea. The switch definitely changes the sound, but I’m a little lost.


That’s one beautiful guitar. Looks like you did a great job, Dennise !

Thanks @kienper it was a fun project.

I’d be surprised if you didn’t really know after building it, but I presume the switch selects neck/bridge humbucker (or both in the centre), with a volume & tone control for each.
Now how to make good use of them is beyond me too :rofl:

Yes that is correct @brianlarsen. Just thought there may be a magic setting that would make me sound awesome. :rofl: :rofl: :guitar:

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