This is gonna be an easy ride someday

I’m going to post here the start of a grueling ride that will turn into a rough but easy looking race after a while…playing the simple chords myself and the band trio doing the drums and bass… It’s also the first video where i edited away the first 17 sec…for a computer idi…:upside_down_face:…like me, quite a thing.

](Easy Ride - YouTube)

I definitely need to work on my wrist position…or my tummy…or at least keep my wrist to the head neater again :grimacing:
I also absolutely have to work on my post abilities I see…


An enjoyable noodle, Rogier. Backing with the Trio working well and liked the way you threw in some of the double stops, as well as cruising up and down the fretboard.

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Thanks David,
I was really trying something out with those doubles high on the neck,…it deserves some more attention,…but the bar shouldn’t be too high in the beginning either :grin:

Nice phrasing Rogier, I think that you did a really good job of that!
I can see your difficulties further up the neck, have you tried playing with your guitar in more of a classical position? It would definitely make the accessibility easier but might not be as comfortable for you initially, but could work out to be more ergonomically viable.

Thanks Darrell,
With a classic way you mean the neck up even more? (place it on the left leg and the right leg out a bit because it doesn’t work because of a thing with my hip) … I feel like I’m already pretty close with my chin up the body…maybe I can quickly tilt the neck up a bit while playing with my right elbow… by the way ,this session is a festival of mistakes, but hey, it’s a prelude to more hopefully…

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You do yourself unnecessary injustice my friend. That was a jolly pleasant romp around a solid backing track via the Trio. Tone and phrasing was good and you took us on a journey. I hear what you are saying in respect of access to the dusty end but that did not detract from a enjoyable impro !



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There are times when it’s preferable not to think up a funny or teasing comment and just say:
“Wow! That was really good!”
This is one of those times :smiley:
Normal service will resume shortly…


You make me laugh Rogier with your warnings :grinning: I never believe you. Having no experience at all with the wizardry you conjure I can’t make useful suggestions. I can however say you’re sounding good and I admire your persistence and attention to detail.



So true, Maggie, there are now a good many folk who enjoy starting off with lots of warnings, disclaimers, and apologies … I believe none of them :laughing:

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Thank you Toby,
But…and I know that disclaimers aren’t necessary at all…this is what I say to Maggie and David and everyone else too…And I know most suffer from this… when I pick up the phone and know I’m playing for you well…then it suddenly goes much less smooth and tight than when I just did it before :woozy_face:…Luckily I dare to post it these days,ans with these improve things I use a maximum of 2 attempts and then post it (at least for all first own try videos With e.g." Is there anybody out there", that`s different)…well I’ll try to stop nag at myself,I know it’s not necessary…but still…


Thanks Brian… :blush:

:joy: Can`t wait

Well Thank you Maggie for saying that I make you laugh…I’m really glad to hear that :grinning:
But I really mean it (but I already explained that too much to Toby)…
And thanks for the compliment :blush:
And I hope the weather in your regions has become a bit nice again :sun_with_face:

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Well…if you know that you have to do better and fear a bit for the critical eye/ear…Enough said, I will do my very best not to post an unnecessary disclaimer/warning etc… …my best eh, I’m not saying that… :grin:

I agree with @brianlarsen. That was absolutely ace. Really told a story there.

Sounded like a rehearsed set piece, only reading the comments did I realise it was improv. I hope to make the guitar sing as well as you one day. Damn.

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Thank you for these kind words…
It’s a bit of a recurring chord sequence that I try to milk out completely…it starts in the morning with a tune in my head and with the standard things I try to play that over a sequence…and if it catches a bit I press the phone on video :grinning:

Nicely done Roger. You seem comfortable and fluent as you float up and down and all around. Equally impressive is that you created the entire musical piece from the ground up! :slight_smile: Bravo.

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Don’t get me wrong, Rogier, keep on doing as you are doing, all is good. I’ll continue to take all the warnings with a pinch of salt. I understand that invariably one does better when the camera is not rolling. This was all said with a smile, not a serious fuss.

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Thank you Richard for these words :blush:

Hi Roger,
I like this, nice guitar tone and play. Sounded really good to me and was very enjoyable. Steady as she goes on your guitar ride!

Keep Rock’n,

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I don`t get you wrong David :sunglasses:
of course not and, I don’t use added salt :grin:…, but you can handle me a little firmer,without a problem :grin:
That uncertainty in the guitar field should be over :upside_down_face:, I just do my best and study and learn every day… thanks to you too :bouquet:

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