This is the Telecaster that i bought

Check it out! I get it today i cant wait!!


“We’re sorry-this item is unavailable.”

Check your link mate. :slight_smile:

Weird its working for me

Link is working for me as well. Maybe a regional thing? I’m in the US.

Not visible for me either :grimacing:

That’s a beaut man! Let 'er rip!

That blue color is so fine…nice guitar!

Yeah, that was odd. Earlier it just showed a black and white photo of some guy, with that message. Now it works fine and shows the guitar’s product page. :thinking:

Anyway, that’s a lovely looking guitar dude. Enjoy! :sunglasses:

Love the colour Bytron happy NGD!

Beautiful guitar! How fun. Must have bought the last one then.

That is sweet!! Love the colour! :heart_eyes:

Looks good Byron, happy NGD

I’ve seen it over in the AVOYP section Byron. Happy NGD, may she bring many years of happiness for you.

Shows something that is not a guitar, can you upload photo of your guitar ?

Worked fine for me.