This Years Love by David Gray Lesson

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I can’t find this song (This Year’s Love) in the app. It was recommended as a song to practice for Beginner 1

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I just got the App and it seems neat but I’m still getting use to it since all I’ve used so far is a metronome. Any word on if/when the song will be on the app?

I’ve been looking for that song too. On the website, it says it’s on the song app but it isn’t.

I would really love to play this one on the app.
It’s the perfect one to learn 6/8 :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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What a wonderful song :heart_eyes:. I haven‘t known it before. It‘s really a pitty, that it‘s not on the app. But I will definitely work my way through :-).

@herve_noob Remember, you can always just watch Justin’s video.

It is a great song to learn.