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I can’t find this song (This Year’s Love) in the app. It was recommended as a song to practice for Beginner 1

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I just got the App and it seems neat but I’m still getting use to it since all I’ve used so far is a metronome. Any word on if/when the song will be on the app?

I’ve been looking for that song too. On the website, it says it’s on the song app but it isn’t.

I would really love to play this one on the app.
It’s the perfect one to learn 6/8 :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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What a wonderful song :heart_eyes:. I haven‘t known it before. It‘s really a pitty, that it‘s not on the app. But I will definitely work my way through :-).

@herve_noob Remember, you can always just watch Justin’s video.

It is a great song to learn.

I absolutely hate learning this song, the very rapid strum movement gives me a lot of trouble :slight_smile:

Probably one of the harder grade 1 consolidation songs because of the quicker changes and strumming pattern but it’s exactly why I chose it. I’ll brush up on it while moving onto Grade 2. I found that using the middle finger as an anchor between A and C helps immensely. The chord changes exercise helps to speed it up.

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Hi all,

Can anyone tell me the tempo to this song?

The app says 109


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When I set it in the Justin Time trainer I set it at 87 bpm’s, which I’m sure I’ll have found on the Interweb.

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In the video he plays this with a capo on the first fret, but in the app it doesn’t tell you to do that… am I missing something? Sounds terrible and clashes with the app without it, but I can’t find any indication in the app that I’m meant to do it.

Chris, the capo is on the first fret if you want to play along with the original recording.

Yeah but what I was wondering was more, how was I meant to know this from the app? Am I missing a section - or does the app simply expect you to play without the capo because the chord practice is still (pretty much) the same ? That would be fine except this sounds really terrible when you play it over the top of the app’s output which is in the right key.

I’d think it would be fairly easy to include capo information on the song on the app, even if it was just a footnote of the About tab.

Ahhhh okay, sorry Chris I misunderstood. I cannot help on the app side of things as I don’t have it. Hopefully someone will come along that will be able to answer your question.

Hello, I don’t understand what is the rythm . Can somebdoy explain this for me?

It feels that Cadd9 would be great for this song instead of C chord. Works well sound wise and also in fingering.
Great Song!
Thanks Justin!

Hello Teodora and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

The song is in 6/8 time for the rhythm. Hopefully this should help you.