Three Little Birds (Fingerstyle + First Vocals)

Hi All, hope you had awesome weekends!!

If I was nervous about my first upload this one really doubles down!!!

I kicked off module 12 over the weekend but challenged myself, as part of “completing” module 11, to record a fingerstyle song along with vocals for the first time. I know this isn’t a traditional fingerstyle song but it was the first song I properly got into when I started out with Justin’s course and I love exploring different ways to play it.

I think I speed up a little on the last verse go around, this was a one take recording without a metronome but overall I’m pretty pleased with it. Recorded via a Scarlett 2i2. Hope you enjoy!

Three Little Birds - Fingerstyle & Vocals

Now to work on singing with a proper strumming pattern, Black Crowes “She Talks to Angels” and Green Day “Good Riddance” are my songs of choice for that but it’ll take a while!

PS - Module 12 = completely awesome!


Hello Mark,
That is a nice entry :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:…so you set the bar high for further videos :wink:, you have a pleasant singing voice and I also liked your guitar playing,
Greetings ,Rogier

Thanks Rogier, appreciated :+1:

I think that sounded awsome!! Both singing and playing were top notch :fire:
Never thought about playing that fingerstyle, but will definitivly give it a go now.

Well done! Keep em comin!

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A different style for the song but I thought it was great. Picked out the notes well and I can’t say I noticed any speeding up.

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It sounded good and its giod to see that you put your own style on the classic beginner"s song.
I look forward to She talks to angels.

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@tRONd - thank you, have been digging your stuff recently so pleased to reciprocate!!

@skinnyt @R.F.W - thanks too, funny isn’t it how we’ll have different ideas on approaches to songs, I actually hadn’t contemplated that others wouldn’t have looked at it that way!!

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Bravo, Mark. Take the oft played tune and make it your own. Finger picking was smooth and consistent, enjoyed your vocal interpretation.

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Nice job! I like the way you made it your own.

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Interesting take on a great song and you did splendid! Well done really liked your version of the song! :clap:

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Ooooooh what velvety voice you have Mark and how well you use it. The combined effect of your luscious voice and your guitar tones is hypnotic. Your fingerstyle gives us a purity of sound and your voice adds a level of mystery and complexity. Absolutely delicious.

You have every reason to be pleased. :mage:

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Well done Mark that was great! A very different interpretation of the song. I enjoyed that.

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It feels really corny to keep on saying thank you but honestly I’m really pleased, and that’s a huge understatement, with all of your feeeback and comments, music is truly the universal way to bring people together.

@batwoman - Maggie all I can say is wow, I guess I’d better carry on then :wink:


Great job Mark, fingerstyle is really a weakness for me good on you to stay with it as your personal goal to finish module 11. Happy Birthday was my finger style goal to finish module 11 on March 5 and yes module 12 is a GAS!. Beautiful instrument and I have that Porsche GT3 Lego on my shelf too!….Rod

Yes velvet voice, I want more :yum:

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Very nice, sounded great and video quality was top notch. Can I ask what camera & video editing software you used?

Hi JK, thanks!
Sure thing, I’m using a Logitech C922 webcam and actually their own software “Logitech Capture” to record with, it reads the Scarlett as an input but without splitting the channels (ie combines the instrument and mic as a single input). Quite a powerful bit of software with embedded second screens possible but I’ve not really delved that deep into it.

I haven’t done any proper post-editing, the Logi Capture software doesn’t do that, it’s geared to recording / streaming. I’ve got OBS downloaded to try out at some point but haven’t really touched it yet.
Hope that helps! - Mark.

Hey Rod,
Yeah the mid-life lego resurgence is strong here :joy:

I just about got Happy Birthday sorted too but as fun as that was you can’t beat playing a real song! Thanks for the guitar comment, I’ve had it a week after upgrading from my “beginner” instrument, the difference in quality and playability is staggering, Mr PR Smith seems to know what he’s doing :wink:

I’ve seen your DM, I’ll come back to you and share what I can. Have a terrific day - Mark.

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Oh wow - I have the exact same webcam and only use it for work Zoom meetings, had no idea it was this good. I’ll have to try that!

Mark, it sounds like OBS would do similar to ‘Logitech Capture’ with perhaps more Features that can be used to create the recording eg you can setup to receive the two channels of the Scarlett separately and do some additional processing on those during recording, you can record with multiple cameras.

In the Community people are using a variety of video editing tools. I use Corel Ultimate Studio, some use Vegas Pro, others using Adobe tools. When I first started I used MS Movie Maker, which served me fine when all I wanted to do was some basic editing and adding of a title and credit screens. Can’t talk about what people may be using on Apple devices.