Time To Chill - second video of me playing added

Today is my 6th JGversary and I like to produce something to mark the moment. Last year I posted up a project based on Justin’s Beginner Blues Study from Grade 2. That directed me down the lead guitar path. So seemed fitting to post up another improv project that reflects a year dabbling in the dark arts of the bends, slides, and vibrato.

This is a slow bluesy jam in B minor, fitting for the time of year as down here in the southern hemisphere today is also the start of my summer vacation. I did intend to play the lead live on camera but had some video sync issues after the fact. So this ended up being an audio with a ‘music video’ (no goats, just sun and sea).

For those celebrating, celebrate whole-heartedly, be grateful and appreciative, and we shall keep the music coming in 2023!

I resolved the sync issues and produced a second video that is a single take. It’s added in this reply below: Time To Chill - second video of me playing added - #26 by DavidP


Happy anniversary David :partying_face:, great vibe going on there, though it’s pretty chilly here in the UK I feel a bit warmer now!

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Happy JGversary. Slow blues with some sun, sea and sand… perfect combo to warm us up over here in the freezing UK. The recording sounded great to my ears and something to aspire towards as I follow in your footsteps working through the JG courses.

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Great sounding improv David - a moody blues that I feel is probably your best yet. :+1:Sort of reminded me of a score at the end of an epic movie.
Much congratulations on your 6th anniversary - a wonderful milestone. Thank you for sharing your playing, your knowledge, and your generous spirit with me over the lasp couple of years. You’re an absolute treasure in this community mate, and I wish you all the best for Christmas, and the coming year.

Cheers, Shane

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Hi David,
Congratulations on those 6 years,… :partying_face: :sunglasses: :teapot: :clinking_glasses: :bouquet:
As for the video … WONDERFUL…

As for your blues playing,… What a progress, :flushed: :sunglasses: :clap: :sunflower: … at 1000 miles your best , really super happy surprised to hear this ,… …double congratulations :sunglasses:

Greetings and up to the next 6 years :sunglasses: :partying_face:

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Lovely David! I really liked your note choices on the turnarounds.

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Thank you all for the listen and wonderfully generous comments. I repeat myself repeatedly, but must say again, that I am quite sure I would not have kept up with guitar playing without the encouragement and support of the Community.

I re-read my original post and see I omitted to mention that this lead is not a single take. Once the video was not working out, I took advantage of DAW power and comp’ed this from 4 takes, so it is effectively better start to finish than I can play live.

Comp’ing is the term used to describe an editing process where you now cut and paste sections from different recorded takes to product the final track. In my early days I felt this was somehow ‘cheating’. My mindset now is that it is quite OK and what professional recording engineers may do when recording and mixing a tracks for a studio album.

But feel in this case that no mentioning it is posting something under false pretenses.


Sounds good to these ears… Might want to vary it more with different note lengths and amount of them possibly. But nothing wrong with what you have going.

The goats are going bananas. They like exposure and can’t understand why they were not called upon for this one!


All the best on your time off!

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Happy guitar anniversary David. Some super laid back tones there, I enjoyed the listen immensely. I’m not ‘bloooozy’ enough to offer constructive critique, I’ll leave that to others. I do think however that if you went back and listened to some of your earlier ‘blues brothers’ posts you’d realise you’ve come a long way.

To comp or not to comp, that is the question. You were honest in pointing out that this was a comp. Respect, my friend! This is after all a guitar learning site, not a YouTube look how great I am site, although I sometimes feel it may be heading that way.

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No kidding David :goat: this is your best yet. Happy Nannyversary.


Very chill! It made me feel all relaxed and warm-- especially with the video. Happy JG Anniversary! :tada: :clap:t4: :clap:t3: ::clap:

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Enjoyed the vibes from that David, very relaxing :relaxed: :+1:t3:

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Happy Guitar anniversary David. That was chilled and really cool to listen to. I am heading downtown Chicago Sunday night to the House of blues and if I hear anything similar to what you just produced I will be happy. Fantastic!


That was really cool David, nothing wrong with putting 4 takes into one track, point me one person who plays in DAW and haven’t done that ever :grinning: all the best and enjoy your summer break!

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Thanks Ladies and Gents, for the views and replies … I do appreciate it.

6 years down the road and I am hasppy to say I am no longer as anxious and desperate for the replies and comments as I was when I started. Back then posting and the feedback was my way of assessing where I was. Now I am far more comfortable in my own self-assessment.

That said, the positive and encouraging comments are still invaluable, so please please don’t take this as the signal to give me the silent treatment in future :laughing: As I’ve said, learning with friends beats learning alone, every day of the week.

I am more than satisfied with my progress made in lead play during this year, I think fair to say a few steps are taken to learning to play lead, rather than just noodling away. Needless to say, bends and vibrato such a key part of finding your voice as a soloist. Add to that feeling the groove and vibe of the backing plus playing the chord changes. And mixing up note lengths and the ever essential rests to eventually be able to say something that compliments a song through the solo. It’s (another) long road, but slowly slowly, we can all progress if we keep working at it, as many here are doing.

And just when you thought it was safe to go down to the beach today … a goat made an appearance :star_struck: Thanks for that Maggie, LBro will surely be delighted :grin:

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Six years! Congrats. Awesome you’re still here, learning, progressing and being a major part of the community’s cultural foundations. We’re lucky to have you.

The track sounded great. I agree with the other voices that it would be some of your best blues lead work. There was character to it… I quite like how it reached a conclusion as well, which can be so hard to do - rather than just cutting or fading out.

Totally agreed on the learning with a bunch of others on the community. Adds sticking force to the guitar journey.


Hi David, congratulations to your 6th JGversary :champagne::clap::star_struck:.

For me, as a beginner, it’s very motivating to see, what can be reached by focused work, dedication, and patience.

This is a fantastic piece of music you’ve produced :star_struck:. Very chilled and bluesy :sunglasses:.

Also thanks for the video, bringing some summer feeling to my snowy day :sun_with_face::snowflake:.

All the best for year 7 :smiley:.

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Congratulations David, happy anniversary!

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You are starting to stack up some nice lead tracks, and that’s the right way to do it, brick by brick. You seem to be a bit more fluid with your playing on this new guitar. I like where you are going and hope to hear more in the future.

Looking forward to you adding even more bricks in the coming year. Always good to hear from you DP!

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Awesome sound David, I really enjoyed it. Happy anniversary!

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