"Too lazy to die" - Lyrics Version 1

It is high time for me to give something back to you, all you lovely community members. So, here comes version 1 of lyrics that could take many forms.

I do need to explain the style of V1 though. There is a German comedian or rather “Kabaretist” called Bodo Wartke. He is a master at playing with language, and when writing lyrics, he has one rule: There have to be rhymes.

That’s what I tried to achieve here.
I hope, I can make some of you smile a bit.


For a reason or two I’m thinking of caterpillars
More specifically to be true, a specimen called Lars
I know, so will you…
… soon too

Let me tell you about Lars
He lived in a place called the Harz
Had a good life as such
And did what caterpillars do
He ate and he shat
in the tree where he sat
And every day he drank a drop of dew
or two

Then, one night he yawned,
until a new day had dawned
And he knew that his big day was nigh
Metamorphosis. He didn’t know what that is
Sad fact is, he wasn’t a wiz

Lost his appetite in the middle of night. Grew still at will,
Formed a cocoon, glistening in the light of the moon

Lars had had a good life as such,
although he didn’t care much
about the world
apart from food and loot

And now he was in this state, had given in to his fate
His glistening cocoon of gloom and doom

Once ten days had passed, he left his cage, this shell of hell
Flew away like a new butterfly

Why did that happen you ask?
Sure I will tell you, my love
Lars was too lazy to die
He was too lazy to die
He was simply too lazy to die


Love it! That’s so cute and clever :smiley:
It’s going to be an amazing song! :sparkles:

A ballad! Lovely!

I hope you and Lars can sing as a duet!

Oh, that’s so sweet! You’r onto a winner here, for sure :smiley:

Bravo! :clap:t2:
I think one can recognize a bit of the style of Bodo Wartke :grinning:

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That’s a great compliment :star_struck: Now I have to become as good at guitar as he is at piano…what a seemingly hopeless endeavour. I will never ever start tap-dancing though…

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@Jamolay @LadyOfTheCastle @Avalon426 Thank you so much. But…even if we discount the terrible formatting that my phone offered me. Take a look at the metrics… It’s challenging. Uuh, what music fits? Postpunk? Jazz? A ballad indeed?

Singing caterpillar? Aaah… Now I get it. No, my husband’s name is not Lars… It just rhymed :sunglasses:

Hello Nicole, wow, you’ve been really quick with writing down the lyrics. And I’m really impressed how well you can write in rhymes in English. I’m quite good at it in German but not in another language.
The lyrics are funny, so I feel they also need a funny melody. No idea, what exactly it could be. Maybe some kind of rock ‘n’ roll rhythm :thinking:.

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You got it!!! Nicole, you are brilliant. That rhythm… Those long sentences. Stops in rock’nroll. Oh… It fits.

Will take ages to acquires the skills. But, hey … Yes.

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Oh, I’m excited that you like my idea :star_struck:.

I’m also not able to play R’n’R at the moment. But will get there for sure :grin:.

So nice! It reminds me of the book The very hungry Caterpillar, which I like so much :smiley:

For the music, yet another option, you could start by using chord progressions that you already play. And if you want, you could change the character of the song later as your skills progress.


True that. Oh, yes, my sister and me had the same book when we were small and it was surely one of the books we aked our parents to read to us most often.

In this case I actually read articles about the various metamorphosis stages of butterflies (weird, hmm?)

High time to time that guitar and experiment. So far I did not bother tuning it yet. I wanted it to sound as dissonant as possible while fingering the chords correctly. I wanted the sound to philosophically fit the situation. But yes, tomorrow it’s time for tuning

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Hi Nicole!!! Love it!!
Gotta say that I read your lyrics twice & the second time around I felt “bouncy” … while listening to music a few minutes later Sittin’ on the dock of the Bay came on… a very bouncy sounding song… I read your lyrics again & I’m thinking that something similar could fit… some random insect or bird noises tossed into the mix… just a thought! Keep working it!!!

I think these lyrics of yours are very similar to Lars :bug: entering his chrysalis… now it’s your job to turn him into a butterfly :butterfly:!!!

Good luck!!!



OMG Tears at Ten Twenty, 'nuff said. Thank you. :sunglasses:


Tears of joy, I hope? :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Great start to your song, Nicole.

I am no great song-writer but I do find inevitably that when I start to sing the lyrics over music, I tweak the words. The general ideas stay the same but I find myself cutting or adding words, swapping words, so that the vocal flows.

Have fun progressing this and I wish Lars to be home and healthy soon.

It’s merely a poem at the moment… Will it ever have music, we will see :slight_smile: Lars is the name of the caterpillar only, my husband’s name is completely different :smiley:

Not a song writer myself, at least not yet. But the music doesn’t need to be complicated. I feel like some songs rely on the instrumental melody to support the song, but many more use relatively straightforward chords and rhythms to support the lyrics and only need to be in the background.

When you feel your lyrics are ready, gently sing/hum them and find the rhythm/meter you feel fits. Turn that into a very simple strumming pattern that supports it or just use a solid one like Justin’s “old faithful” and play around with a few common cord progressions.

I bet with a few afternoons of fun, you could come up with a nice easy strum to sit behind your song.

Funny, I was just thinking of this aspect of songs the other day, in respect to a different song. A simple funny song a famous actor wrote for his kids, I’m wondering why he chose the chords and strumming he did, like it is some crazy specific connection between the instrumental and a really silly song. But my epiphany was that, of course there isn’t. He just found something very straightforward that worked for him and went with it. Many different chord progressions and strumming patterns would have been fine, although flavoring the song in its own way.

So don’t sweat the guitar part. Just back up your cool lyrics and rhyme with something you like and feel fits ok. The song is what will carry it all.


Oh this is brilliant!!! Thank you so much. You managed to make me laugh. And that’s at the moment an almost impossible achievement :slight_smile:

I’m not a songwriter either… so far I have experimented with inventing melody, chords and strumming pattern to lyrics only once… and back then, the melody had more or less automatically come with the words.

Now I have to go and listen the Hippo-song just one more time :smiley:

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