Travel guitar - any recommendations?

As I said in the old thread, if you want a decent “beater” type travel guitar, then it’s hard to go wrong with the Harley Benton GS Mini. It’s certainly made to a price, and the finish isn’t the best, but they play well and sound pretty good for the price. Especially when you consider that some travel acoustic guitars are 4-5 times the price have a similar construction.

But if you want something a bit nicer, I agree the LAG and the Cort posted by @DarrellW look great. I may consider one of those myself at some point.

by the way, I’ve done business with Richard’s Guitars before (I bought my G&L from him). He’s a lovely man who only stocks products he likes and believes in, and gives great service.

For electric, the Traveller Guitars look very good.



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I’ve owned a Journey OF660 carbon fibre guitar for something like 5 years now and have been quite happy with it. We traveled from Australia to the USA back in 2016 and it was great having it along.

Because I play fingerstyle without finger picks, it was a bit quieter than I would have liked so I bought a VOX headphone amp and a JBL blue tooth speaker and used a 3.5mm headphone cable to connect the headphone amp to the speaker. It’s not what I’d call a gigging setup, it was just what I needed when playing outdoor to friends and family, just enough to boost the volume. Had I been playing with a plectrum, that probably wouldn’t have been necessary.

I was fortunate my guitar was fine out of the box. I had a friend who bought one and it needed a bit of attention, so the quality referenced in an early post, while not an issue for me has been an issue for people I know.

Now we are traveling around AU in our caravan, I have my daily play (conventional wooden guitar) with me and the Journey is packed as it takes up such little space so I have a backup available should something happen to my wooden guitar.

Another option for traveling is the Yamaha Silent Guitar. It’s normally played through headphones. I have a friend who uses his with the same sort of bluetooth speaker using the 3.5mm headphone cable.

I also have a Yamaha Silent guitar and love it for what it’s good at, playing silently, yet I miss the feeling of the guitar body vibrating on my torso when I play it.

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As I am on the road a lot because of work, I have also tried out a lot of guitars that fit the description.

Right now I own a Ultra-Light Electric from Traveler Guitars (I think Justin also recommended that one on the old forum a long time ago) - but I have to say that it feels too small for me and it does not make me want to play. But: its very small size makes it possible to just throw it into your luggage or even checked baggage.

If size and space is not the biggest issue, and your not likely to travel by plane, I would also try out the Yamaha CSF3M. In terms of size its comparable to the Taylor GS Mini, but it is all solid at the same price. Tried it out in the store and immediately wanted to buy it. Since I am mostly travelling by plane I refused the urge :wink:

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Bought a Journey and returned it. Sounded nothing like the videos.
Hate to bash any builder but just saying!

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Got a two week, cross country motorcycle trip coming up in late August, so I’ve been doing some research on electrics that are small enough to strap across the back of the bike. Has anyone tried Blackstar Carry On guitars? They’ve got a short scale length, but at a bit less than 30" overall length, it’d be ideal. I’ve also been looking at the Traveler series (Ultra-Light Electric, etc.), but figure that might feel really weird to play. Will use it with headphones and a Fender Mustang Micro. The hope is to get something short enough to throw into my dry bag as rain is to be expected.

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No serious answers but plenty of options. Hope you have a great trip later in the year and keep all the bikers here posted.



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Thanks! Ha ha…yea, no…no full-sized guitar on the trip, lol.


A little late on my reply, but I bought a Journey Overhead+ in mahogany and I am very happy with it. IMHO, the tone is way better than the Taylor GS and Martin Mini I tried at a Guitar Center. It’s not a dreadnought, but it’s really comfortable to play while sitting on the couch!

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Hi Eddie. Interesting how different people always have different opinions. There’s never an easy answer. I still haven’t bought a travel guitar. The last time I was away I took my dreadnaught with me and as we went by car the size factor wasn’t important.
It’s more the potential for damage that worries me. If I do get a ‘travel’ guitar it’s more likely to be at the lower end of the price scale.

I have a Traveler brand (Traveler Guitar EG-1 Custom - Full-Scale Electric Guitar) travel electric guitar (EG-1 Custom). Have had it for maybe a couple years. Pretty happy with it. I like the compact size when kicked back in recliner or take out on deck. Can hook it up to iPad and headphones for porch sitting. It has a small body and no headstock so feels small at first. Had a finish problem with my first one but they eventually came thru and exchanged it for there next higher model. All said and done, Traveler did me right. Based on my previous experience I would not recommend the model with flat black finish. Traveler may have corrected the problem by now, don’t know.

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I travel a lot and wanted a guitar that I could easily travel with and practice. I am an engineer by discipline so had to research this in great detail. I finally decided and purchased an Ultra-Light electric guitar from Traveler Guitar and could not be more pleased. It holds tune so well and takes up little room and sounds really good!. I am not a ‘Techie’ but use it with a Digitech RP80 and a small Photive portable speaker (5"x2"x2").
Hope this help.Electric Guitars – Traveler Guitar