Traveler—June 2023: I’m Over You--Keith Whitley, Why Didn't I Think Of That--Doug Stone, On The Other Hand--Randy Travis, The Thunder Rolls--Garth Brooks

Hello all!

One of my goals this month is to focus on songs that have A-shaped barre chords. They are getting better for me, but still a little sloppy at times (especially on the high E string).

This is a song that I have always liked and I think that it will be a great song for me moving forward. I hope you like it!

I’m also excited because I just got some branding done recently, and this is my first YT video that is displaying my logo.

Any feedback would be great. Rock on crew!

Keith Whitley—I’m Over You (YouTube video)

Keith Whitley—I’m Over You (SoundCloud/studio version)


Hi Travis,
this is a very nice tune - haven’t heard it before, but like it.
As always, your voice suited the song very well. Very enjoyable :blush:.
And congrats on the barre chords. Changes appeared to be very smooth and sounded good :clap::+1::smiley:.
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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Sounding great, Travis :clap: such a distinctive voice :slightly_smiling_face: looking at your technique it seems you play the A shape barre chord with your first and third finger (I’m the same), doing it this way the high E will always be muted (unless you have a third finger that bends both ways at the knuckle lol). From what I’ve seen most people play it this way, yours sounded pretty good :+1:

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Thank you @NicoleKKB !! In my opinion, Keith Whitley is one of the more underrated artists in country music. He died young but gave us a ton of good songs in the 1980’s.

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Thank you @Chazzo78 !! I rushed ahead from grade 4 to grade 5 a while back to get working on A shaped barre chords right away and it was a good move.

I’ll be working in grades 4 and 5 for another year probably. Thanks for listening!

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Travis, I totally agree. I was so sad to hear of his passing especially at a young age and at the peak of his career. I so loved his music.

You played and sang it well. You are making great progress. Well done.

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Well played, barre chord seemed ok to a non expert like me. Never heard of Keith Whitley, I will check him out.

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Thank you very much @pkboo3 !! I feel like things are coming along nicely.

I definitely have to work on soloing more, so that’s going to be one of my focuses this summer!

Keith Whitley was awesome. I was young when he died but I remember it.

Thank you @skinnyt !! My barre chords were pretty solid in this song. I have E shaped barre chords pretty solid down to about the 10th fret on my acoustic. I have very large hands so getting below there is going to be tricky for me.

Great job Travis. I loved your version of the song. I think it would sound beautiful on a 12 string guitar. Great voice and even melody as always.


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That was an briliant performance Travis!! Youre guitar playing sounded thight and steady. And you have the coolest voice to back it up. Love that deep powerful coutry twang voice!!
Well done Travis!! Keep up the great work :+1:

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Thank you @SDKissFan !! I have actually never played a 12 string before. I might have to give that a whirl!

Thank you @tRONd !! Those are very nice compliments!! I would like to get some more movement going on with my playing, but I do like how steady things are getting. Thanks for the listen!!

Oh… would not worry too much about that Travis.
I Think you sounded awsome!
Song or artist i never heard of before. But you owned it. Keep em coming. Looking forward to the next :grin:

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Hi Travis,

I have a 12 string but haven’t quite mastered playing it yet. Fretting the notes is no harder than a six string for the most part except maybe some barre chords. The trick is strumming has to be s lot gentler than a regular guitar based on what I experienced. The sound is beautiful though if you pick the right song. It fits nice with the country music you typically play.

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I’m good with the variation coming subtly, and in baby steps :+1:

Rock on!

I’ll have to think about that one @SDKissFan !! The next guitar that I’m looking for is an American made fender telecaster. I have looked at a few I just haven’t found the right one yet. I feel like after I acquire one it will become my main gigging guitar.

I might have to throw a 12 string on the list next!! Thank you for the encouragement.

Here is my 2nd recording of the month, by an artist that I always thought was talented, and had a fantastic voice. I hope that you all like it!

Doug Stone—Why Didn’t I Think Of That (YouTube)

Doug Stone—Why Didn’t I Think Of That (Studio/SoundCloud)


First of all Travis. I really dig that you throw out things i never heard of before! This was almost as cool song as the another one the other day…

I think you sound great! If any… i personally like the acoustic sound as stripped down as much as possible with no,or little effects… but that is just me.
Dont know how long you been playing, but it does not look or sound like that was yesterday :rofl:

Your singing is on a different level. That dynamic and deep boomie voice is something i aspire for and try to get in that direction myself… cant really explain it, but that cool country twang sounds really cool.

Keep it up Travis and please give me more pearls i never heard before :grin:

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Another artist/song I’m unfamiliar with but really enjoyed your performance, especially the vocals. I too, like Trond, prefer the sound of an acoustic without a pick up and to just be mic’d up but I understand that when you’re performing live at your gigs it’s quite necessary. Great work :v:

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