Traveler—June 2023: I’m Over You--Keith Whitley, Why Didn't I Think Of That--Doug Stone, On The Other Hand--Randy Travis, The Thunder Rolls--Garth Brooks

Thank you very much @tRONd !! Those are some really nice compliments!!

I picked up a guitar in May of 2020 without knowing a note or a chord. I hit it pretty hard from the beginning and I haven’t stopped. I have been dauntlessly dedicated to becoming a better vocalist and guitar player, and it has become a new passion!!

I started gigging pretty consistently just over a year ago, so running my own sound and crafting the “performing” part of the spectrum has added some fun new elements.

I have been pretty dedicated to learning a song a week for about a year now. I believe that it’s paying off as my repertoire has grown considerably. I always go back to add in the intricacies and the solo fills, but it’s definitely been a blast!!

I sang some before learning guitar, but I didn’t discover my voice until I picked up the 6 string. From what I have heard, your vocals are fantastic, so I think you are definitely on the right track. Keep jamming!!

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Thank you @Chazzo78 !! I sometimes seek out songs that are unique or not played enough. I like all genres of music, but I have found that most of the cover bands around my area play most of the same rock songs.

Not that I don’t like them, or it’s not good music, but you can pretty much predict that your standard cover band will play “mustang sally” and “brown eyed girl” and a Beatles song or two, and a Pink Floyd song or two, etc. I guess what I’m trying to say is, that I try to play songs that nobody else plays, and it’s working :+1:


Wow. So you are gigging after just 4 years? That is really impressive.
Keep up the great job Travis. Looking forward to the next one :grin:

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I just passed the 3 year mark @tRONd , so I was technically gigging after just 2 years of learning. I was just kinda mucking around in front of a few buddies, and they encouraged me to get out there, and not just sit around in my garage playing for the birds (even though I like the birds, ha!)

I feel very fortunate that I started gigging when I did. I learned a few hard lessons early, but every show I learn 5+ new things. I struggled with sound quite a bit at first, but I have a lot of that ironed out now.

I have quite a few live clips in the live section here. Thanks for the encouragement!!

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This is awsome!
Guess youre set consists with the style that you have put out on the forum?
You are a few months ahead of me. I started jan 21, and no way im ready to gig anything :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Impressive. Hats off Mr. :grin:

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I have been labeled as “Grungy country” by those that have seen me play live, so I have kinda embraced that.

I play a lot of country, new and old, but some rock too—specifically 90’s grunge.

I’ll throw my last gig flyer in the thread just for fun!

I have two private gigs this month but I’m not advertising for them. I have to reformat my poster a bit because I didn’t have my branding completed before this past gig. I have an official logo to incorporate now, so that’s exciting! I’ll be very busy in July and August so that will be fun.

I’m a history teacher by trade and we are in the process of wrapping up our school year in the next couple of weeks. June is a busy month for me at work so I took a step back from gigging this month.

More to come!


Hi Travis,
What that man above is saying I echo, :sunglasses: :clap: except that he ( @tRONd )is not ready to perform because I’m sure there is a market square where you can perform ( not hanging on a scaffold :laughing:) your eg: …losing your religion…and more… for a larger audience and they put hands together, and not to throw tomatoes around… :sunglasses:

Greetings boys :sunglasses:

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Grungy coutry! Whats not to like! That is right up my alley :grin:

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Haha, good one @roger_holland !! I haven’t had the tomato experience yet, but if I did I would catch as many as possible and make a sauce during a break. Lol.

I think that @tRONd might be closer to gigging than he lets on. Some good quality stuff there from what I have seen. Keep rocking guys!!

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I thought that it was a super cool label/description. I wish that I remembered specifically who called my sound that, but thanks to them! I think it fits……

Cant be any cooler than that label. Just not possible :rofl:

Thanks a lot for you and @roger_holland very kind words by the way :pray:

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Soooo I got a new guitar (that’s always exciting, right?!) it’s one of the more unique guitars that I have ever seen (in my limited experience of paying attention to them).

I need to do some research on it. I know that it’s made in America and I think that it’s made in or near Boston, MA. It doesn’t have a serial number/any other of identifying information, other than it is a MILLER LITE GUITAR!!! Ha!!

Ironically, or perhaps not, it has been my main brand of beer for about 20 years. I like all beers, but I’m an ice cold Miller lite in a cooler kind of guy.

Needless to say, this became my 10th guitar, and it might possibly be my favorite! I haven’t played much on it yet, but it sounds good! Here is a sample.

On The Other Hand—Randy Travis

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Three cracking songs there Travis. It’s always good to hear stuff that I’ve never heard before and if I want a bit of country I always know where to come.

Nice work on the a shaped barre chords and happy NGD, I hope you’re enjoying playing it.

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Thank you @SgtColon !! I’m going to branch out to more rock soon, but right now I’m focusing the most on adding as many country songs to my repertoire as possible because that’s what people want to hear, and it’s my comfort zone. I grew up listening to it and country music always resonated with me.

I am a proud country boy :+1:

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Here is a final tune for the month.

It’s a song that I have liked since my youth, and a ground breaking song for country music at the time. It’s probably more rock than country, but a lot of Garth Brooks’s collection teeders on that line.

Though it’s not quite a “dreamer” song (I am working on a couple of those), it is a song that I tried playing a while back and couldn’t get a good guitar sound out of it.

This version/recording isn’t perfect, but it’s cool for me to see how far I have come with it. I hope that you all like it!

Garth Brooks—The Thunder Rolls (YouTube)

Garth Brooks—The Thunder Rolls (SoundCloud)


That was great Travis. I know some of Garth’s songs but this was a new one to me. Vocals and guitar sounding excellent.

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Hi Travis, once again a very nice performance :smiley:. Your playing and singing fit so well together. And ‘Your Voice Rolls’ :star_struck:.
Thanks so much for sharing :hugs:.

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Great stuff! You have a great voice, especially for that genre Traveler. Keep’em comin’!

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Nice work Travis. It oinked really good. The Barr chords word pretty strong. Great song choice as well. :clap:

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Hi Travis,

As I said before you inspired me by playing gigs after only 2 years. I think you have a lot of talent in country music. I’m hoping to do the same soon- get out there and gig because we only live once. I was surprised to see you are from New York. I was picturing Nashville lol. A few weeks ago I played a mini concert for the neighborhood and the feedback was I should be in a band playing. It felt nice to hear.

Speaking of country I am practicing a Toby Keith song and will be uploading here soon. Have a great day. The audience may think I’m bipolar going from Aerosmith and beastie boys to country :joy: I prefer diversified as the label.


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