Traveler—June 2023: I’m Over You--Keith Whitley, Why Didn't I Think Of That--Doug Stone, On The Other Hand--Randy Travis, The Thunder Rolls--Garth Brooks

What a great performance - your guitar playing and voice are both on such a great level! Fantastic - go for some gigs - people will love it!

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Thanks @SgtColon !! I have been fortunate to see Garth in concert 3 times. It’s 3 hours of non stop entertainment. He is one of the best at that, and this is one of my favorite songs by him :+1:

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Thank you for the voice “rolling” comment @NicoleKKB !! Even tho Garth and I have very different vocal ranges, I think that I sing his stuff pretty well!!

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Thank you @browan377 !! I have been trying to get a song a week under my belt for approximately the past year, and it seems to be working ok!

Thank you @RonG !! Everybody loves Garth Brooks right?!

Thank you @SDKissFan !! That’s awesome that I inspired you to get out on the gig trail. I felt like I REALLY started making progress when I began playing in front of strangers. It kicked me in gear!!

You have a lot of good stuff. If an opportunity comes your way, snatch it! I’m looking forward to hearing that Toby Keith song :+1:

Thank you @andyPlays !! I have been gigging tor just over a year now, and things are improving steadily! I have some live clips in the live performance channel.

I haven’t been very good about getting video or pics from my last few shows, but I’ll work on that! Thanks for listening!

…cause I got friends in all sorts of places from New York to Norway the whiskey drowns my tears away and I’ll be okay. Okay so Garth didn’t sing it like that but it was fun right.

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It looks like song writing is in your future!! I live in New York State but I’m about an 8 hour drive from the city. I’m closer to Toronto, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Detroit than I am New York City.

I haven’t been to Nashville yet but that’s my next trip whenever that happens!!

I looked up the town from your concert ad. Looks like a beautiful place you live in not far from Lake Erie. I grew up a block from Lake Michigan near the Illinois - Wisconsin border. I haven’t been there in many years though. . The ironic thing is first time in New York was 30 years later traveling from California. Nashville is a cool place to visit. See the grand ol opry at least once and you’ll appreciate it.

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A song a week is alot! That’s pretty impressive.

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Thank you @browan377 !! It doesn’t always work out. I had 3 gigs in 3 days this past weekend, and it kicked my butt a little, so I took a break for a couple of days. Life can get in the way, but I think that I have learned at least 52 songs over the course of the past year following this goal.

Keep rocking!! :metal:

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