Traveler - November 2022 - Travis Tritt, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Chris Stapleton, John Prine, Pink Floyd, Colter Wall & more

This was a fun recording for me because it was the day I bought my Stratocaster. I was really neglecting playing electric up until this point.

Rivers Of Babylon—Sublime

Hi Travis ! First, thank you for your so nice and elaborate answer. Secondly, I must say I’m impress you gig around after two years and a half learning guitar. Bravo ! It tells me the amount of work and the constancy, the determination. Bravo ! Also, your answer confronted me to my own daily practice time. I just began last august with JG and couldn’t practice more than 20 minutes a day for a while because of finger pain (glad Justin is telling us to begin with 20 minutes a day… ;-). After this finger pain period, my practice time climed up to around one hour a day. After earing you play and reading your mail, it made me think about organising my daily scedule to enable me to practice 2 hours a day. So I began to do so yesterday and the very next day (today), I already found a difference in my playing, my fingers precision, etc. Thoughtful. I will see if I can keep this rythm up with my work, my day job. But ‘till now, man, I love it. I’m at a experimental stage. So, even if it was not your intention, you confronted me and I want to thank you for it, whatever happens in the futur. Take good care colleage and keep on playing and signing so good !

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Thanks @BigLuc !!

Life is crazy, and life is busy. I have a wife, 3 kids and a demanding job that are my priority, and consume a lot of my time. It can be very difficult to cram that two hours of musicianship in sometimes, but I do my best!

Often during the week, I chunk my practice. Sometimes it’s 3 separate 20 minute segments, sometimes it’s 2 30 minute blocks. Then I will pursue my song work after I get my kids to bed. My wife is very supportive (sometimes “tolerant” might be a better word, ha!), but generally if I have a guitar in front of me, or I’m putting pencil to paper in some fashion, she leaves me be.

She also often sings with me, which makes it fun. She has a good voice. Perhaps I will post one of our duet recordings in the near future!

I guess my point is, the 2 hour a day routine doesn’t always hold up, and that’s ok. I rarely go 2 days in a row without following it though.

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Lovely! This is one of the first pop tunes I have a memory of (from the release by Boney M in 1978), and your version is a great one, great strumming consistency all the way through.

I agree with some of the other comments, that a small tweak to the recording set-up to have you facing more square-on to the camera, and occupying a little more of the frame would be nice (more like the OM style). Far from essential though!

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Thank you! I’m working on improving my live recording gear to make higher quality videos. You can see some improvement from my earliest videos to now (I just recorded “Anywhere with you” a few days ago).

Thanks again for the feedback!

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I was hoping to find other people that have recordings of this song but I didn’t see any.

Let Her Cry—Hootie and the Blowfish


If anybody has any recordings of Hootie songs it would be great to discuss/take a look at some Hootie!

Hi there Travis. Yes, I’ve covered this song as well. I’ll share a recording soon. I have Kenny Chesney on deck first for my next song to post this week.

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Good job and your garage looks like mine lol

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Awesome! I’ll look forward to that.

Thank you! It’s got a little bit of everything going on. Ha! I have several outbuildings but this is my only one with electric right now.

Nice job playing this one. One thing I do on this song is suspend my middle finger on the C right after “Let her cry” kind of hammer on and off if you play a regular C chord ( not c add 9) . It adds a little flavor kind of a riff. Do the same after let her sing and let her go. Just my spin on it to spice it up.

Thanks for sharing

I’ll add a video of my version soon. This is a great song from years ago.


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Thank you!!

I will definitely try that :+1:

I have somewhat recently started adding more flavor to songs that I have memorized/have played in the past. It’s seeming like I’m instinctively doing that more in rehearsal before gigs. It’s been helpful!

Hi Travis, you really have a great voice for this song in particular, really enjoyed the recording. My word of advice is to try to use some sort of a more complex yet simple strumming pattern for this, something like one below works out pretty well. I have this song on my list to learn and record one day but that’s for some other time :grinning: thanks for sharing!

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Great advice, thank you!

My strumming can get a little repetitious at times. It has improved steadily, but I probably need to focus on it a little more :+1:

I’m gonna take a look at that pattern you posted. Thanks again!

Liked your effort not bad at all!
The only thing I did notice is that you’re occasionally catching strings that should be muted, mostly on the D chord and occasionally on the C chord. On the C chord you could play it as C +G by fretting and playing the G on the low E, but the D needs to be muted using your pinkie or your thumb.

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Thank you @DarrellW !! I used to be guilty of this more often, but it’s still something I need to improve. Awesome feedback!

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Nice job there Travis. I’m not familiar with the song, but your voice sounds ideal for that style.

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Thank you @twistor59 !! I’m REALLY looking forward to having better recording equipment. I sound better live than I do in recording at the moment. Maybe Santa will bring me some new toys!!

Great stuff there Travis. I do like me a bit of Hootie.

I did learn, Home again but never did a recording of it. Maybe one to dust off and post in here.

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