Triad Chips Basics

Triad Chips are incredibly useful for Blues, Pop, and Soul. They’re like little slices of the chords, and sound great!

A great song that includes these chips is I Heard it Through the Grapevine. On the second and fourth beat I think :slight_smile:

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love this, however for whatever reason I play triads with my first and third finger (can’t seem to get my second finger to work correctly), so I palm mute.

I’m the same , second finger keeps muting the B string a soon I change position.

So u can play blues with just the major chords (triad chips)rather then 7 chords?

Struggling to get that tone that Justin has. My Gretsch semi hollow just sounds twangy. My amp is a Boss Katana 50. I have it on the clean setting, master, volume and gain at about 9 o’clock, bass at 12, mid at about 11 and treble at 9. It doesn’t seem to matter how much booster I use

If I use the crunch mode the amp buzzes.