Triad Chord Theory

Learn the four types of triads and how to apply their formula to the Major Scale.

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Very nice and interesting course. Thank you Justin!

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I loved the augmented mystery expression hahahaha, that was CLASS, priceless & timeless!

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It’s soo cool seeing this stuff all start to come together, loving the theory course! :+1: :clap:

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Feeling the same way Fncanuk. It’s exciting to learn what we are and seeing previously mysterious terms start to make sense.


Is there an understandable reason, why no “double augmented” triad exists? If I look at the four triads, I automatically think, “why is there no triad with 1 / 3# / 5#?”

Hi there,

Augmented triads already have two major 3rd intervals in them, so sharpening the first major 3rd by a semitone would raise it to a 4th, and the second one would become a minor 3rd.

That would make it a sus4 diminished triad, if that naming exists.

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