tRONd - April 2022 - Dancing in the dark + Pirate Looks At 43 (both (THR30 amp demos )+ Immortality (Pearl Jam) + Blå, Blå Kenslor (Tomas Ledin)

Another nice job Tron…been busy myself with work and the band…not enough time. Today I have a slightly more relaxed day at work, so an opportunity to catch up. I’ve not listened to Pearl Jam really and listening to yours and Adi songs I feel a need to explore.

Nice dynamics I think on your strumming and a nice change to your fingerstyle playing. Very good.

Thanks Jason :pray:

Pitty we have to work in between guitar playing :rofl:

Yeah. Check out Pearl Jam Colin. From the look of what you like to play i can imagine you will like it…

Start with The album Ten and try to check out the Recently released MTV Unplugged album… that is something special :grin:

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I did it. And yes! Add to my list of artist to listen. Thank you for the recommendation :grin:

Pearl Jam was here in concert this past Tuesday (San Diego, California). Thought of you playing your song again. I hope things are coming along well for you.

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Thanks Jeff!
Appreciate your fine words :pray:

I feel like im spamming you guys sometimes, and this one might very well be just that…

Quick one i just stumbled over last night and thought. Hey… this can maybe be stripped down to some fingerstyle.

You probably never heard of the artist or the song :rofl:
But in Norway and Sweden Tomas Ledin is a huge thing. Or… he at least was huge some years ago…

To all swedes… im sorry i pick this swedish icon to pieces. And forgive me for my swedish…

If anyone has read so far and want the text translated… well… its about summer nights, oceans and blue,blue skies…
The rest is a scandinavian secret :rofl:


Another great one Trond.

Had no idea what you were singing of course, really chilled out vibes though.

You’re definitely not spamming btw, if anything there aren’t enough new posts coming through.

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Hi Trond,
Well I thought it was a very nice song :sunglasses: :sunglasses:,…and it’s also quite often nice not to be distracted by lyrics that you half hear or understand…now just nothing at all :sweat_smile:(except blue blue :grin:…)…
I’ve even thought of giving such a heart thing. :blush:…usually I forget that with songs I listen to…but a positive comment is of course much more important…
And yes it seems spam indeed, I immediately thought of that when a new one appeared now :rofl:… but don’t stop there,…say ‘spam of the good kind’ does it exist? now it is :sunglasses:

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That was lovely Trond. I’ll be at you summer, beach bbq, that’s for sure.

No idea what you’re singing but I bet it works on the ladies, you smooth son of a gun. :smiley:

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You are much welcome Stefan! :grin: we would have a blast with BBQ and guitars :grin:

Thanks Rogier :pray:

Hehehe… well… i have done a few AVOYPs now Rogier, some i take pride in more than others :rofl:
Not quite sure were i end up with this one…

oooo i have no idea what you mean :roll_eyes:…good night, and sleep for later…it’s very late here for me at the computer…going home,uh sleep :smile:

Mange tak for spamet :smiley:
I love to hear what’s popular in other countries/cultures.
I’m afraid my experience of Scandinavian balladiers is limited to Kim Larsen and CV Jorgenson.
I enjoyed your version and then checked out the original.

I’m a little disappointed not to have picked up on secret subtexts… :thinking:

One day in not so distance future i will do a Kim Larsen song as a tribute to you Brian :grin:

Most enjoyable, Trond. Without knowing the lyrics, the dynamics and delivery of your vocal carried the song with a simple guitar accompaniment.

I recognise the skinny, tights-clad, butt of Mick on the wall. Who the others?

As for the Scandinavian secret. I met a Norwegian through work many many years ago and he revealed to me the secret … fishing and (Community etiquette prevents sharing the second part) in summer and just the second in winter plus vodka, lots of vodka.


Hahahahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl:
That Norse guy was probably from the northern part, and yeah… it is something like that up there :rofl:

Thanks for the picture, Trond. Now Slash is clear. And I think the other two may be Johnny Cash and Kurt Cobain. But perhaps the second is a member of Pearl Jam, knowing how you love PJ … and all those grunge guys may look the same to me :laughing:

You are spot on @DavidP Well spotted in the first place i have to say!

Cash/slash/Cobain and Jagger is 100% correct :grin:

My wife gives me one every 5th year i have birthday. I dont get every year, she dont want the walls filled with musicians :rofl:

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That was great Trond, you have your signature style which really suits my ears and I always enjoy whatever and regardless how often you put it on the forum. And I don’t mind not knowing what you sing about, you are talking about 90% of songs I listen to :joy:

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Thanks @adi_mrok :pray:

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