tRONd - April 2022 - Dancing in the dark + Pirate Looks At 43 (both (THR30 amp demos )+ Immortality (Pearl Jam) + Blå, Blå Kenslor (Tomas Ledin)

Hi tRond,I have just recently found this song and am thinking of trying to learn it,you have inspired me to do just that,thanks for the easy listening version you play and sing here,well done,might be a while before I get to where you are,keep them coming.

That makes me very happy to hear Graeme.
Its an easy going not to hard song to play. I am sure youll crack it…

Thanks for your kind words :grin:

Nice cover. And I like the effects.

What did you use to record the guitar ? Is it your phone or do you have something else ? The sound is really clear.

Hi Mathieu.

Thanks for your kind words :pray:

The recording is just the Iphone with a mic called Rode videomic

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Thanks, I Will look into it

Hi everyone! Been a few weeks silence from me, been away to work.
Wanted to put this one out today. Its a song from my favourite band Pearl jam from the album Vitalogy. Love playing this song, even that its easy to play, i think it has something special about it. Again it is not the lightest and happiest texts and moods in my songs :grin:

Its a «one take» shoot. Was a little bit unlucky with a few strums and buzzing strings…



Hi Trond,
I’ve been thinking for a few days “how would it be with that northerner”…
Great performance :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:, and mentioning the misses was not necessary, in a relaxed view/ listening mode i don`t notice at all…

And @Phyletic ,welcom in the community, your first word may have been posted, may more follow :wink: :grin:
Greetings ,Rogier

Thanks @Phyletic :pray: and welcome!!

Thanks @roger_holland :pray:
Hehe. Yeah. Been quiet from me for some time, really, really made me happy that you wondered what i have been up to lately Rogier!! Made my day :grin:

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Really enjoyed that tRONd, not quite as much as with Eddie Vedder singing it, but hey he is a very hard act to follow!
You playing was nice and fluent and singing was pretty decent, all in all a good job!

Hahahaha!!! Not as good as Vedder??!! Liked that one Darrel :rofl:

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Good to hear from you again, Trond. Rendition sounded good to me. I never noticed the ‘unlucky’ bits :grin:

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Absolutely ace Trond. Loved it.

The occasional buzzy string - I wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve noticed a few wrong strings and buzzy strums on band’s records now I’m listening for them, and those are the ones that made the mix! A live recording is bound to have a few imperfections. I wouldn’t have noticed them if you didn’t mention it.

I’m a huge Pearl Jam fan. Been working on a few of their songs too.

What are your favourite PJ albums? I find it hard to pick just one, but Vs and Yield are my faves.

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Another great performance there Trond. Very much enjoyed mate.
I was wondering where you’d been. Work getting in the way of guitar playing; it simply shouldn’t be allowed. :sunglasses:

Good to have you back mate

Cheers, Shane

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Very much enjoyed that Trond keep it up!!

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Thanks JK :pray:

Favorite PJ album? I am boring and have to say ten…
I have played that one to death over the years, so i dont play it that much anymore. But that record is the sound of my youth :grin:
Vitalogy as a runner up…

Big fan of the newer PJ stuff too. But those two mentioned above at top of my list. In fact… i am a big fan of most seattle music from the 90s :metal:

Your pick is not bad either :grin:

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Thanks @sclay @Bytron08 @DavidP :pray:

Appreciate it. Will be a bit more active next weeks i hope :grin:

Of course when I see Pearl Jam I am not gonna pass by without a comment, duh!

Well done Trond, I think you managed to acomplish a fine cover which had a lot of similarities to original and yet you managed to give it some of your own style which in the end was a great mixture. Loved the change of dynamics at the end, clearly you were in the zone and I can’t blame you it’s a cracking tune! I hope to cover it one day on electric, if I only had more time on my hands :smile:

Nothing boring with liking THE best selling PJ album, it was just a complete one with every song being a hit on its own.

Glad to see some more die hard fans of PJ around here! In terms of my second fav album I would say Yield is slightly above Vitalogy, but I guess it changes depending on the mood etc :smile: all the best!

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Thanks Adrien :pray: i guess we have good taste in music :grin:

Im glad you noticed the change in the dynamics. Something i have tried to give some focus too lately. Go faster/slower, change up pattern a bit etc.

Looking forward to you give this a go on youre electric.

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Hej Trond
Welcome back (I’ve been AWOL myself) :wink:
I plead ignorance to PJ’s back catalogue, but this was nice.
Your delivery method allows you to get away with all sorts on this. Forget the occasional buzz & strum problem. You threw the timing completely out of the window :laughing:
I actually had to go check the original to make sure it was in 4/4 (It is).
This works for you because you ‘get into’ the song and we get sucked in with you.
Don’t underestimate the usefulness of being able to keep to the rhythm when you want to though.
Cool share :sunglasses: