tRONd - February 2022 - 1st video ever - Losing my religion (REM) + Society (Eddie Vedder) 😳

Ok. I put my self out there😬 been playing for 1 year. And this is my first vid posted. In fact. No one have ever seen me playing before, so this is a real scary moment.
Anyway. All constructive critics are much welcome, so i know if this is something i should continue doing or just sell my guitar and call it a day🤣


Society - Eddie Vedder


Hello Trond,
That was absolutely amazing,
Greetings ,Rogier

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Fabulous, Trond. What a great song from a great band off a great album (R.E.M.'s Out Of Time for those unfamiliar).

I really enjoyed your intrepretation, to play it finger-style and can play and sing so well (not an easy song to sing, even karaoke with the original).

Nothing to be anxious about (though I understand the anxiety). You most certainly must keep your guitar, continue to learn and play, and share many more songs with us here.


Tron, bravo on putting this out for all to see and hear! Definitely keep playing. I want to hear more from you. It is obvious that you have a bond with that guitar and playing it means a lot to you. I very much enjoyed your performance. Keep it going!

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Wow, Trond! Great job with the finger style, you really nailed it! Your playing was spot on and your singing was good. I could feel how nervous you were, but you definitely pulled it off. Very brave of you to post this for us, so thanks!

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Hi Trond and welcome to Community! Wow just 1 year in and playing like that? I am impressed you must have spent plenty of time olayong guitar! My only suggestion is thumb placement - try to have it more perpendicular to your strings rather than crimped with other fingers, better economy while fingerpicking, less thumb movement and less clashes between fingers :blush: you did great though very well done! Thumb placement fav photo dropping below:


Thanks Adi!!
Really appreciate your feedback. Yes, will try to work on my thumb placement👍
Yes, i have a lot of hours on the guitar last year, too many maybe🤣 but had a lot of time on my hand due too the Covid.

There is no too much guitar time, only not enough! :grin: well done I am impressed.


Great job Tron thought that sounded fab…occasionally - I think - you were getting ahead of your playing (or behind) with your vocal but not very noticeable.

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Hi Trond, that was really great for the time you’ve been playing, in fact outstanding!
Keep playing and posting yourself, you will definitely improve and get more confidence.

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Im just speachless and almost in tears. Deeply thanks everybody. I did not expect this at all. I was hoping for one or two feedbacks that i did ok. This is out of the ballpark for me. I had a hope that i could build some confidence and maybe enough so i could have guts to play for some friends and family. I will most definitly do that.

Its a lot of hours spent the last year, but as Justin says. You have to enjoy the procsess when learning, i have loved every minut of it from the start, and i hope i will enjoy it as much in the future, the journey has barely started.

Again. Thanks everebody!!


Well, that was a great debut performance. No need for you to sell your guitar!

If you’ve only been playing for a year you’ve clearly spent time on fingerstyle practice and it shows. Well done.
REM songs are difficult because of the phrasing but you sang it well.

Good job. I look forward to the next one.

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP post Trond.

Bravo! That was some really great singing and playing. Very well done on the fingerstyle.

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I would have never guessed you’ve only been playing 1 year. Finger picking and singing together isn’t easy. Well done!

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Hey man,
You’re doing great job trying to make not a mimic but the original cover.
You just need some more practice and I’m sure you’ll succeed :smiley:
Cheers and,
Keep on rocking,


Hey mate,

Very impressive my friend, moreso after only 1 year. The singing as well was very good and very emotive. And a great take on a classic.
Your fears of playing in front of others should be considerably less now, after a great debut like that
Feel happy for you mate. Well done.

Cheers, Shane

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Very impressive tRONd - you made the song yours!

One day perhaps I’ll muster this much courage.

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Trond the real question is whether enjoy playing guitar. I took my guitar out of the closet when we went into Covid lockdown in March 2020. This is my third attempt but what is different now is that I fired that voice that told me to give up. Now retired I spend my time on what brings me pleasure. Suit yourself but since you asked I thought it was great!:blush:


Hi Trond, well that was a great performance. There is no need to sell your guitar unless you’re going for an upgrade.


Hello @tRONd welcome to the Community.

What a wonderful and enjoyable first video share.
You’re playing, singing and giving a song your own interpretation in a good way.

On the technical side, there are things I notice - to add to @adi_mrok 's observation about the thumb.
You play uneven bars throughout for a song that is 4/4, four beats to a bar. My impression is that this is due to not having a set pattern for your thumb and fingers that you have consciously learned and trained your fingers to follow and your muscle memory to acquire. Disciplined work on this at slow tempo will help. Also, to embed the 4/4 rhythm of the song, revert to strumming simple rhythm along with the original track. Then piece that back together with a disciplined fingerstyle approach that is consistent and known. These two will also help with the timing and phrasing of your vocals.

Keep up the good work - :slight_smile:

Cheers :smiley:
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