tRONd - May 2023 - Maybe It's Time (Bradley Cooper fingerpicked) + Skin & Bones (Foo Fighters)

Hi folks!
Been messing around with this for some time now.
Done it before, strummed. But its supposed to be fingerpicked.
On paper it should be a easy song. Im sure a lot of you thinks it is too :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But it is not that easy to replicate, it goes in 16th, or supposed too… tried to count. But its not so easy…
i have not tried to replicate it… could not if i even wanted. But i have tried to get close to how it should sound, it is a pretty distinctive sound too it if you listen to the original, with a lot of playing on the G string…


Skin & Bones - Foo Fighters


Hi Trond,
When I see a song coming from you I know sweet is coming…And now you also live up to expectations… :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap: :bouquet:
When I fully focus on your picking hand during a 2nd round, I indeed see that there is still some can be won, but that will come someday (or not)… because even now I think / know the whole thing is great and beautifull allready :sunglasses:

indeed see that there is still some can be won, but that will come someday (or not)…

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Really??
Yeah, there is a long way to go Rogier. I have not played this picking style before, turns out its difficult :thinking:

Thanks a lot for the feedback Rogier… always appreciated from my dutch friend :grin:

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Hej Trond
Haha I see the Rockin’ Rollstuhl stole my parking spot as I was manoeuvring (my second listen). He has no etiquette :roll_eyes:
First and foremost, another cool song choice performed with that understated low-key authenticism that we have come to expect from you and love so much. Bravo!I was intrigued by the fingerstyle pattern. I thought the variation might have been intentional, but after the Dutch critic, thinks perhaps not completely. That makes it even more impressive, as you are able to keep the rhythm pretty constant despite the variations. Kudos. Some nice embellishments, hammer-ons etc.
I presume you moved into the kitchen to provide us with just the right amount of reverb (or perhaps just because you had tidied it up and wanted to impress househusbands like me?) :laughing:

With my picky :tophat::
You could point the camera a little lower. No offense, but I’d prefer to see more of your picking hand than your face :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I was going to ask if you anchor your picking hand, but then noticed the tattoo :roll_eyes:
On a more serious note, I do believe you are mining a very productive seam, with rich results. I would be very curious to see you perform a different style. I imagine Trond clenching his eyes and hollering out some heart-felt expletives would be quite an experience :open_mouth:
Oh yeah, I had to laugh when you missed the final strum
You have no idea how often that happens to me and I’m sure it has to be a ‘thing’
All in all a great way to start my day :smiley:


Hahahahaha!!! I almost cracked up when missing the strum :rofl::rofl::rofl: so you noticed that?? I even tried to edit it out. But was not able too :see_no_evil: But i made the strum look like it was intentional didnt i?

Yep. Kitchen… not so much the tidiness, more that its were the best sound is :grin:
Yeah. I am crap with recording, i totally agree that it could be zoomed out some… want to keep it close so it picks up the guitar noise.

It is some kind of pattern through it. but it needs to be breaked up, it due too a lot of plucking on the Gstring. And yes. Indo anchor. I simply can bot play without anchoring up, kind of fits thinking of the anchor tattoo on same hand :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
Trond, that was such a pleasure listening to your rendition of this song :smiling_face:.
And it’s such a coincidence, that I’ve started watching the movie A Star is Born only a few days ago. (Around the middle of the film, my kids interrupted me, and until now I haven’t found the time to continue :see_no_evil:.)

Watching you play it, I would never assume it to be an easy song. To me, it actually looks quite tricky. Particularly when singing along simultaniously. But you did it really well, and you’ve got such a wonderful and soulful voice. It suits this song so well :smiley:.

Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

Not a song I know Trond but that was very delicately played and sung.
Well done I enjoyed your version.
The final bar fluff is so common. The finishing line is in sight and it’s easy to lose focus. “Don’t mess up now, nearly there”. And of course you do. :smiley:

Thanks a lot Nicole for you too kind words :pray:
It is indeed a great song. Very stripped down and «easy» but yet pretty «powerful» i love the movie, i think its great. Some would probably say it is a «girl» movie :rofl: i think its a super film witha a lot of cool music. And a bit sad…

Thanks again. Really appreciate it :pray:

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@sairfingers yes! It is so true!! When i am getting close too the end on any song i play i almost start too panick aswell, because i know i always mess up something in the end :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thanks for listening in Gordon :pray:

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Really well played and sung :clap: A very enjoyable listen, thanks for sharing :v:

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Love this song, and this is my first time listen to this lovely song, and I am so glad to have heard this from you.
Very emotional singing, your vocals is so pure and so clear, love it!!!
Very nicely done!
Thanks for this beauty, @tRONd !

Thanks a lot Rene. Really appreciate your too kind words :pray:

It is a great song. Check it out on the link. As far as i know i think its Bradley Coopers voice and Jason Isbel doing the guitar. But im not 100% sure…

Hi Trond,
Sounds very nice to my ears and you are a lot further along on fingers work than I! I have not heard you sing prior to this. Your voice is a bit different than I would have thought. It came off well mate! Good mellow song and one that relaxes the soul!

Cheers and be well!

Trond - this was just beautiful!! Thanks a lot for sharing, I really enjoyed the listen.

I never heard this one before, but I really like it thanks to you. :slight_smile: :+1:
No way, this is an easy tune - it looks hard to be picked and sung at the same time, but watching you felt like ease, actually. Very well done!

Thanks Lisa :pray: your kind words means the world to me :grin:

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Thanks a lot @LBro :pray:
Really appreciate your kind words :grin:

Wow! That was great, Trond! :clap: :star_struck: Really enjoyed both the delicate delivery and expressed emotion, very impressive to bring that whilst singing and playing, let alone fingerstyle, super well done! :sunglasses: :+1:
I enjoyed that movie too, despite my reservations about watching it! :joy: My wife kept suggesting I should but it didn’t really seem like one I would enjoy, but it was very cool and glad I did watch in the end :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Jeff :pray: really appreciate it.

Yeah. I too was very reserved when my wife dragged me along to the cinema for this movie. Did not help much that it was almost just women there either :rofl:

But it such a great movie in all aspects, seen it quite a few times and it is one of my favourite movies actually.

Thanks again Jeff. Really appreciate it :grin:

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Fabulous performance, Trond, performed with great feeling … right in your wheelhouse.

Like one or two others here, I can pay perhaps too much attention to the nuances of words. This certainly did not look ‘easy’ (although Jason Isbel may find it ‘easy’). It is simple, not overdone and in that simplicity is great beauty and power.

And your feeling for the song comes through in your playing and singing, which makes it a beautiful musical moment for me, the listener.

Hi David.
Nice hearing from you again, and thanks a lot for checking it out. Really appreciate it :pray:

Nope. Its not easy, not easy at all… but on paper its one of those «easy 3 chords» songs :grin:
And i am miles away from playing it how it should be played.

Thanks again David!

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