Tunica Motel - Tony Joe White

well… almost NGD, had it for a couple of weeks now :grin: traded in my Martin for a Cort, some of you would probably say that it is madness to change a Martin for a Cort :rofl: nah… it plays like a dream and is just as good as my old Martin. And it gave me a nice chunk of spare money too :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I had to get rid of my dread, my shoulders are not up to it. So i swapped it out for an OM size.

Anyway… i had to make a recording with it… i have played this mostly on E-guitar and i just could not get it to sit right… so i decided to try to make a acoustic version of it…
As always. My version is very different from the original :grin:

So here it goes… Tunica Motel


Happy NGD! Great song, I am not familiar with it. I looked it up and will have to check it out. Thanks!

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Most things by Tony Joe White are worth a listen, do not know this but I enjoyed your rendition. Plus the guitar sounds good, enjoy, and thanks for sharing. :smiley:

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This song - another new one to me - had a really good rhythm and beat to it. Well played on a nice sounding new guitar.


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Thanks @TheCluelessLuthier @Malz @beejay56

Really appricated! :pray:

You might have heard it before Brian and Mark… it is very different original and played on a E guitar. Never the less. Check out TJ White… he is pretty awsome :grin:


Hey Trond, welcome to the Cort family! Pretty awesome guitars at a reasonable price point. I love mine and I hope you are happy with yours too.
Not familiar with the song, but I liked your version very much. Some fancy stuff going on, cool! Enjoyed it!

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Hi Andrea! :grin: love it so far… it is great to play and sounds pretty good. To be honest it is just as nice to play as any Martin’s i had, and a fraction of the price :see_no_evil:
So i am real happy about it :grin:

Thanks for checking it out by the way. Really appreciate it :pray:

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This is completely new for me (artist and song) but man did I dig it. Awesome stuff Trond and that type of song really suits your voice. Lovely guitar :guitar: as well!

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Great Louisiana swamp rock blues vibe there Trond. New guitar sounds good and your vocal really suited the song too. TJW has some terrific songs.
Well done.

Happy NGD :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: It sounds sweet. Loved the tune as well, Trond. Sounded very cool. :sunglasses:

Happy NGD Trond, looks like she fits you like a glove!! Sounds terrific in your hands as well and this is yet another grand video from you, you’ve got a lot of feeling into this on playing and vocals.

So much great music to enjoy from the Community at the moment, loving it!! :clap: :clap: :guitar: :heartbeat:

Thanks a lot @Notter @Eddie_09 @SgtColon @sairfingers

Really appreciate the feedback and that you bother to watch this :grin:

Ooooh… and this Gordon :point_down:

[quote=“sairfingers, post:9, topic:300756”]
Great Louisiana swamp rock blues vibe there Trond.
[/quote]. :pray:

I totally aggree with you Mark, there is lot of very high quality recordings these days, not just the playing, but productions as well. I think it has been that for quite some time now.


Hi Trond,

This was a really amazing performance. You seem like you are from the south here in the USA, which makes me smile. Awesome work as always.

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Hahahaha!! Thanks Jeff. Tried to have an swamp rock vibe there :rofl:

Hi @tRONd just a question from a beginner.
It may be a stupid question but I’m curious about why you choose to play without a pick.
Is it a personal choice? Do you prefer the sound when you play with your fingers?

I’ve always played with a pick and I haven’t really tried to play with my thumb a lot but when I do it sounds terrible.

Great job by the way! :metal:

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Hi Carlos :grin:
That is a good question that… i started the Justin course without a pick. I did not have one available when i started :rofl: i also started fingerstyle very early on. So for some time i did not strum much at all… so when i finally had a pick available i was allready so used to just using my fingers.
It is just recently that i have started using pick. I use it mostly with E-guitar when i play with distortion and such.
But i am leaning more and more to just fingers on E-guitar too… strangely enough. I find it easier to play with pick on E-guitar than fingers. And i find it oddly enough easier to play without pick on acoustic…
it all comes down to the sound and dynamics for me. I find it much easier to sing when i play without a pick. And i guess i just like that sound you can get from an guitar with just youre hands.

So yeah, thats it i guess…


Hi Carlos,

I recommend to keep trying without a pick as well as using a pick. When I strum with my hand it projects a softer sound and helps amplify your singing skills. Finger style… uh yeah Trond is the master and I still suck at finger picking arpeggios :rofl::rofl:

Jeff from California


Well, it’s the opposite for me. I started playing with picks from the very beginning and now I’m not very excited about strumming with my thumb or playing finger style… I guess I will have to start one day but I’d rather master my strumming and alternate picking for now.


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Happy NGD, Trond! :partying_face: And welcome to the Cort-Club from my side as well.

Your Cort sounds lovely, great tone that suits the piece. Never heard it before, but sounding really good. :clap: Your performance was most enjoyable, great bluesy vibe going one.

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Keep at it with the pick and try to explore with out. It probably takes some practise when you are used to pick, but there is a looooot of different fun stuff you can do with fingers too.
I regret a little that i did not start sooner with pick. So dont be me :grin:

Good luck!

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