Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Chord Melody ✨

Hi Community! :hugs: Today I’m sharing a little Chord Melody arrangement that I did a couple of weeks ago.

I was practicing on my Classical Guitar Book when I found this single-note melody; as I was playing it I thought it could have been in the key of G…then I remembered that all the songs in Justin’s Children book are in the key of G and I just couldn’t resist to look at the chords and have a try.
This is my 4th chord melody little arrangement and I love to just try as an exercise and learn soo very much in the process!

It’s already a few months that I’m working on my pinky being able to go down to add notes on G and C chord, you can see it still takes some effort and it doesn’t come smooth yet, but I see some improvement…it just needs patient practice as it’s taking me more time than I wished! :woman_shrugging::expressionless:

I guess the melody is at least recognizable, and this is already a result, since my first arrangement last December was commented like “Oh, it’s not bad at all…It’s not a popular melody, is it?”…and it was We wish you a Merry Christmas!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

As usual any feedback is much appreciated. I do love chord melodies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush: :heart_eyes:


That was great and it’s definitely recognizable as twinkle twinkle little star.

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Coming along very nicely,sounds great well done :clap: :clap: :smiley:

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That was lovely Sylvia and instantly recognizable as twinkle twinkle little star. Very clean and smooth playing of the notes too.

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@JasonBuk @Taz1963 @Eddie_09
Thank you very much for the listening and for your words of appreciation! :notes::sparkles::blush::notes::sparkles::blush:

Very nice, Silvia. The kids would love it as well as the kids at heart!

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Terrific work Silvia :+1:

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I’m curious about arranging, so let me ask: How did you choose the chords to play along with the melody. Just choosing a chord containing the melody note? I can’t tell if you use the D chord anywhere, it looks like just G and C (although maybe there’s a D/F# in there? I can’t quite tell).

Anyway, I’d be interested to hear how you go about finding the chords to go with the melody.

Grazie mille!


Hi Silvia,
Sweet :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: ,I almost fell asleep … it was just too short… :wink:


Great job Sylvia, it sounded great.

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Hello Silvia, thanks for sharing this video. Such a nice little song :blush:. Well done. I also enjoyed your smiling face throughout the whole video :hugs:.


Nicely done and it was recognizable.

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That was awesome Sylvia totally recognizable straight away and I really liked those rolling chords you played there, very classical way of playing which is super cool!

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That was really great Sylvia. You played the song with feeling, your chords were clean and your picking was accurate. Well done. You’re smile at the end showed how much you enjoyed playing the piece.


Super awesome! Well played, sounded great.

From memory I think you’re a kindy teacher? Did you play it for the kindy kids? (Or am I totally wrong here)

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Bravo, Sylvia, you’ve done well with your arrangement and the performance was good, really smooth and fluent. It sounded fabulous.

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That was superb Silvia. That was instantly recognizable. I’m pretty sure if I had that on the speakers up loud the kids next door would start singing along. It’s good that your working on these chord melodies as they work on a lot of skills and techniques.

Did I miss that post? Well Christmas is fast approaching… are you thinking of doing Jingle Bells next?

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Thank you all for taking the time to listen and for all your kind words!

@pkboo3 kids at heart :raising_hand_woman:

@Notter not really work :wink:…but thanks for the “Terrific” :sweat_smile:

@jjw1 hey ciao! Not sure which language to use now :laughing:
I’m a newbie at chord melody arrangement
Comunque…I usually start working out the melody by ear (only the super simple ones!), that’s really important, even if it might take a lot of time (I’m not among the lucky ones with a good ear). If it’ s difficult I have a look at the chords of the song as you’re very likely gonna find the notes within the major scale. Then when you have the chords you can tell when a bar starts and ends and thus work out the lenght of the notes. I think it’s a good idea to learn a couple from a musicsheet before trying to arrange your own: in the process you’re going to understand how it works. I think Justin’s Happy Birthday is a very good starting point…but my Twinkle Twinkle might be even easier :sweat_smile::grin::innocent: because there’s no F chord here…and yes there is a D as you say, you don’t see the D shape because I’m only playing the note A plucking at the same time the D bass string. It takes time but it’s all worth it! Have fun!:blush::notes::notes::notes:

@roger_holland thank you Rogier! Just let me get more control over this little nasty boy of a pinky and I’ll be able to play the all tune :grin::sweat_smile::sparkles:

@NicoleKKB finally a smiling face while practicing my fingerstyle…I could make a whole compilation of my weirdest and ugliest expressions out of my self-assessment oriented videos :joy::joy::joy: But forcing some smiling sometimes can also be a strategy for feeling less tension no matter the mistakes :blush:

@adi_mrok thank you! It’s so nice you say you liked my rolling chords…I’ve started practicing them in February or March :thinking: and getting that top note on time has been anything but easy! But it’s such a lovely tecnique! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush:

@sairfingers thank you! Yes I enjoy a lot this little tunes :blush:

@jkahn thank you! You remember well, but I haven’t played it for the kids yet, I’ll do it as soon as I’ll be able to move pinky and ring finger with less tension and effort…as they’re both trying to drive me crazy…unsuccessfully :rofl::sweat_smile::rofl:

@DavidP thank you for your words of encouragment David, playing it still doesn’t feel smooth and effortless, but the good news is that I’m on my way to it :blush:

@Socio I’m convinced this is a really good exercise I’m doing and I’m loving each second of it. I don’t know yet which tune I"ll try out for Christmas. I think my first attempt was not actually that bad, but it was not recognizable. Here’s the link to my Insta if you want to check it


You are right and wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yes, it’s not that bad at all and you can see the improvements you have made in 9 months. No, after the first couple of notes you can recognise the melody (maybe that one needs to be played at a higher tempo?).

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Beautifully played Sylvia

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