Twistor59 - July 2022 - Pink Floyd - Time

About 3 1/2 years into my guitar journey now. I should have started decades ago instead of leaving it to a time when my learning skills have deteriorated! Anyway, I just enjoy trying my best and making a noise.

Criticism welcomed!


Hi Phil and welcome to the Community :smiley:
This is an an outrageous debut performance for such a short amount of time learning guitar. Possibly my favourite PF track, complete with bass footwork-wizardry and impressive tones to boot. Superb!
Criticism? :thinking:
Ok, I thought the vocals were crap.
Now why dontcha’ head over and introduce yourself here, spilling the beanz on how you managed this? :laughing:

Awesome, your tone is great and really well played!

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Hi Phil,
What a first post…amazing, fantastic :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: :star_struck:…3 and a half years only and such tones from nice pedals you have in front of you…It is definitely one of my favorite songs and I think that you did it right…and I didn’t even miss singing???..i would love to hear more about you in a introduce yourself thread,…and i definitely want to hear more from you…

Wow, man that’s awesome. Bonus points for the bass pedals as well!

Criticism? Shouldn’t the Strat be black? :wink:


(quietly goes back to strumming Mad World…)


Thank you very much for the comments! I just posted in the “introduce yourself” thread - I can never think of much to say when put on the spot. LOL.

Thank you for the kind words. I’m playing through a Fractal FM3 for all the amp simulation and effects. The bass pedals in the intro are just a set of midi pedals triggering a Moog Minitaur - a cheapo version of the Moog Taurus, beloved of Genesis, Rush etc.


:grinning: If you wait long enough the strat will get blacker - I never clean it. It’s a Mexican Player Series strat which now has a new rosewood neck since I was finding my fingers were sticking a bit on the lacquered maple.

Hi Phil,
Nice such an explanation, again a lot of new words for me, … tomorrow morning I’ll look up what it all means :joy:

Hi Phil,
Great tones for the most part all the way through. Nicely done and was a nice listen.

Nice pedal rig!

All the best,

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this IS my favourite Pink FLoyd track so I was very curious.
damn, so somplete, well planned, well played.

That solo … I never ried to learn it but I can “hear it by heart”. Oh and it was GOOD.
Love the little details and decorations you all put in.

Great job!

Awesome job. I’m not familiar with all of the pedals you’re using, but I think Cry Baby sounding one to your left could be dialed back just a notch. I think it would match the original a little better.

Thanks, I learned the solo from the guitarlessons365 youtube channel - I didn’t transcribe it myself - Justin would be disappointed!

Thanks. I’m just using that pedal as a volume pedal in this track - getting the original sound from the record is extremely difficult. The tone he used in that solo was one of the things I instantly loved about it, and I haven’t heard the same sound since then. Even the tone Gilmour uses on live versions doesn’t quite match up to what he got on that day in the studio! (heresy perhaps!)

Wow, Phil! This was absolutely amazing. Can’t believe what tones you get out of this guitar after 3 1/2 years. Congratulations!

That was very sweet, Phil. So much going on. 3 1/2 years it, that is amazing what you have achieved. Brilliant stuff. I cannot wait to see more from you.

The HSE would have a heart attack if they saw all those cables. :wink:

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The only criticism is that it ended :slight_smile: Such a good song, enjoyed every minute of it mate.

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Thanks! The HSE in my house is me and I’m a slob so it’s OK!

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Thank you! The tone comes from my Fractal FM3, which admittedly is quite an expensive bit of kit, but well worth it. I went for the cheap guitar/expensive amp (modeller) approach!

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That was great, Phil. Bravo, very well played.

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