Twistor59 - July 2022 - Pink Floyd - Time

Cheers Digger! Actually I also think the tone he gets on the album for the TIME solo is exceptional, even by his standards - I prefer it to the live tones even. The tone I got came from randomly fiddling with the software parameters on one of the fuzzes in the FM3. No science to it unfortunately, but it ended up reasonably close.

Guess you’re right Molly - I don’t spend enough consistent practice time on those techniques to expect much progress. I’m just curious, how much time do/did you allocate to sharpening up speed techniques?

Oh, and also, what’s your action at the 12th on the high E string? Mine’s about 1.5mm, and I wonder if I can use that as an excuse for my poor performance :rofl:

Hi Molly,
Welcome, loved to hear more from you…
and given your playing time and music taste, would love to hear from you :sunglasses:, but feel free to start with an introduction first, and much later… :sweat_smile:

Thanks Brendan I am lucky in that I’ve had a lot of time available to practice in those 3+ years since I’ve retired. On the downside though, various bits of my body don’t work as well as they used to. :rofl:

Ah the old PF/DG less is more trick. Wow that was seriously impressive Phil for just 3 1/2 years. The tones and fx are absolutely on point. I assume you don’t sleep and just practice 24x7x3.5 ??
What an intro, look forward to hearing more from you.



My 12th fret is 1.3 mm so low action. I have little hands and I like shorter scale guitars because frets are closer My PRS 245 has around 622 length. I use heavier strings sets so that there is no fret rattle

I play with my arpeggios and scales in a lot of patterns. For a example triplets in D major scale DEF# EF#G and on, then 16th notes, 5 notes and 6 note. And when I reach my highest speed I do an speed burst where I go past what I can do. This gives my fingers a feel for what is next. And they remember. :hugs:

And always play with a metronome! Lol

Hi. I play 2 bands. I play in Gypsy Jazz band and my second band is I play 60s,70’s and 80s American Rock music We now are playing 6 jigs per week. I have luck that I am able to make rent. I have now played guitar for 7 years and starting at 13. So wow! Long time . Borned and reared in Norway :hugs:

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Hi Molly,
Well, that sounds great :sunglasses:,…that’s just playing professionally,…and started in your best years, this is going to be your whole life that’s how it sounds :star_struck: …I’m very curious about AVOYP…and born in a good place…/country at least :smiley: :sunglasses:.I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you…Greetings

(Now we stop hijacking this thread. :smile:…see you later in the community hopefully)

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Ah right, maybe I should try to lower my action a bit. Thanks for the advice, putting some dedicated time into brushing up technique with focussed practice is something I plan to do!



@puckbunny That’s wonderful Molly and I reckon you are just getting started, so 7 years is just a short period of what is to come. Now I am dead keen to hear some recordings of both the bands. I do love gypsy jazz, Django and Stephane in full cry, but would probably prefer British Rock on balance from that era. Well some good American rock as well, so perhaps broaden the set list :grin: And maybe some AVOYP recordings of you playing on your own?

Hi Phil,

Well you can experiment with that for sure - just know that it’s not really going to make that big of a difference on your ability to play faster stuff. Meaning, you can totally shred with 1.5mm action!
It really is more of a feeling thing - or, at the very least, it’s only that last fine tuning you could do, that would possibly allow you to go a few percent faster.
A lower action WILL affect your tone, sustain and (possibly) ability to do wide bends - so keep that in mind, especially since you like Gilmour. Personally I also play with an action around 1.5mm… not because I can’t make it lower, but because I don’t like the feel of the guitar with something like 1.25mm. IMO lower is not always better :wink: But you can experiment with it and find the optimal setting for you!


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Hi Kasper! thanks for the input. You’re right, being a boomer, I do like “bendy” music, like blues, so I wouldn’t want to compromise that. So I guess playing faster comes down mainly to…practice. Damn! With me I’m sure it’s the left/right hand synchronisation that needs the work.

I’m not obsessed with speed, but sometimes the ability to crank it up for a few bars, say in a blues jam, would be great.




Hi Phil,
a great touch to the great PF.
Everything is done competently and with respect to the original.
I can’t believe that your journey lasts only 3.5 years :wink:
And you have a cool staff!
Keep on rocking,


Great ! Bravo ! I listen to all of it and enjoyed every notes. Thanks for sharing!

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Wow i thought this was amazing!! Great job man!!! For only 3 years of playing thats really good!

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Okay, late to the party on this one :joy: but WOW! What a performance! :clap: :clap: :clap: Completely enthralled by your tone and playing chops! Flabbergasted you have reached this level in such a short time?! Thank you for sharing this masterful performance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@crocodile1 @BigLuc @Bytron08 @nzmetal Thank you everybody! It’s very encouraging to hear your feedback. :+1:


Hi Phil,
Seriously awesome version of this song and as others have already commented, great tone and great feel. Amazing that you have only been playing for such a short time. You should be very proud of the level you have achieved in such a short period of time. Great stuff. Looking forward to hearing other tunes from you.


Thank you for the kind comments Rich! I love DG’s playing, so I’ll probably record some more Floyd.

I’m quite amazed this is what you came up with in just 3.5 yrs of learning! Incredible and thoroughly enjoyed this, particularly the shift at 4:10! I love that bit and you nailed it. Thanks for sharing.