Twistor59 - November 2022 - Blues Jam in C + Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away outro solo

This me doing a jam over the same slow blues backing track I used for OM XII last night. This version has the benefit of my hands not shaking in fear at the prospect of a live audience listening.

I’ve been concentrating on trying to target notes other than the root, and also to try to vary the start and end beat for the licks.

WARNING: It’s a 10 minute noodle!


This is the first thing that came up on my big screen feed this morning. Went well with the first morning cup. What a pleasant surprise! Great bluesy feel and super clean tone. Some tasty chops and ample breathing room. I did cut it short at about the 3:00 min mark, as I start to get ear fatigue even under the best circumstances. Well done sir, glad to be following you!

Excellent and my oldest cat had to come over and watch you.

Very nice jam, liked your tone and choice of notes and phrasing the only thing I might have done would be to give it more room to breathe. Playing one note after another can get boring if it isn’t broken up.

@CT @TheOldGuy Thanks very much folks!

@DarrellW Good point - thanks for the feedback - I agree, the feeling of “OMG it’s been quiet for a millisecond - I must play something” is sometimes quite hard to overcome.

I know, I used to be exactly like that myself but the thing to do is listen to more of the great blues players and take notes. If you think of it as being a conversation it helps - the question and answer idea helps a lot.
If someone asks you a question you usually think before you answer not just blunder on straight into it; also questions usually end on a rising note, answers usually on a descending note, this all helps with the structure of your composition.

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Do you know, I’ve never heard it expressed like that before! But yes, that’s a great idea, thanks!

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Watched and loved the whole 10 min :slight_smile:

I like the way you take your time when playing over the first two rounds. Stopping on those bended notes makes it very tasty.
The way you build up too the 3rd round and how you start it was also very cool.
During the 3rd round I would have loved already a bit more energy, but that’s something you gave during the next one.

Might be an idea to switch from pick up once in a while, it might give it a little extra.

Really enjoyed this Phil, you could have done the whole thing on the OM as well, it was great.

Ignore “3 minute Clint” :rofl: , knock yourself out !

If you want to spice it up

I did promise long but there is long and loooonnnnnngggggg. But heck its Jimi style !

@Sebastian_Dewulf-Ortega Thanks Sebastian! I ALWAYS forget I have more pickups :rofl:
@Malz I was nervous enough for the 5 min I played - I was misfretting notes all over the place!

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Thanks for the backing tracks Toby. The last one is only an hour - not long enough for me to get into my stride sadly.

Voodoo Chile is pretty much one chord most of the time, but it’s bloody difficult to sound good to. Maybe if I turn my strat upside down… :rofl:

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Ah Phil, you really piled the pressure on me to follow you on Saturday!! :wink: :rofl:

Unbelievable stamina to jam this long with such quality, I would have been more than happy to have heard you go the full 10 in the OM!! If your hands were shaking with fear you hid it well and pushed through it even better. Thanks for sharing the full version!

My go to channel for a wide range of quality BTs in different styles and genres is this one.

They all have the scale/mode and chord sequences present in diagram form in the first minute or so of the track.

They are all around 10 minutes in length, so good for exploring licks and building some sentences you would like to use. If I then plan to record a session for posting here, I have software that can down the audio as MP3 or WAV from YT. I’ll then drop it into Reaper and edit out some of the loops to get it down to “Clint territory”. I like to include a “proper” ending if there is one, as it wraps it up nicely. The challenge then is to fit what you have plumped for and make that fit into a shorter track and get a good resolution at the end.

But always fun to jam over a nice long track.


@Notter You’re kidding Mark! - your performance of “the other W song” by Oasis was as good as any Gallagher could do if you gave them an acoustic and a mic! My heart was going like the clappers, but that’s why I did it - I wanted to feel what a performance was like - I’ve never done it, even in front of my family, I’m strictly a headphones guy!

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner Yes indeed, I’ve seen a few Elevated Jam Tracks. The chord/scale diagrams at the start are really helpful. Quality stuff!

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You handled it really well Phil, hope you sign up again!! :slight_smile:

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In case it’s of any use to anybody:

I just got a guitar teacher, and his suggestions based on this video were:

  1. Most of the phrases are played within a single (pentatonic) box. Try to construct more phrases which cross box boundaries, i.e. play more “horizontally”

  2. For the longer phrases, you always tend to end up on the root - try to land on the other target notes too

  3. Use more articulations when starting phrases (slide-in, bend, rake…)