Twistor59's Spring 2023 Thread - Pink Floyd: Saucerful of Secrets

I had a go at the “Celestial Voices” part of the Saucerful of Secrets track (the rest is an atonal jam, so I didn’t try that bit!).

On the first 2 choruses I used my Ebow to try to get that sustained slide sound that David Gilmour gets. The next 2 I just tried to diddle over the chord changes. Chorus 5 was just the chords, and the final one was a transciption of Gilmour’s “Ah s” (need careful context setting to say that one out loud :rofl:). Bass pedals were a bit too low in the mix, but I’m not recording it again!


Wow!! Just Wow. Even that you are taking up that special old piece, is just wow!!. That’s almost 40 years since I heard that last time. Very impressed!. - Ah - mazing :wink: Huge thumb up!!! :+1: :+1: :sunglasses: :heart: :pray:

Very well done!

Hi Phil,
That was a super nice 5 + minutes here ,dreaming away behind the computer,:sunglasses: :clap:

WOW :exclamation: Love it :exclamation:Bravo Phil :exclamation:

Phil, that was brilliant. I loved the slide bit, as well as the rest of it.

What was that in your right hand when you were doing the sliding?

@kimlodrodawa @roger_holland @BigLuc @ReneAsologuitar @SgtColon Thank you all for the kind words!

@SgtColon That was an E-bow Stefan - you hold it on the string of choice, and it rings indefinitely (well, until the battery runs out!)


Super stuff, Phil. I enjoyed that very much. I was just about to ask the same question as Stefan as I saw a guitarist use it for the lead guitar on one of the songs I was learning and had no idea what it was but now I know. You learn something new every day in this community :smiley:

Thanks James! I think there are a few occasional professional users - looks like Edge is using one here

An alternative is to use a sustainer pickup - like The Sustaniac or the Fernandes - Steve Hackett uses one in his Firth of Fifth solo for those amazing sustained notes!

You are being careful with that axe, aren’t you, Phil? :wink:
Your Floyd covers never fail to blow me away.
Makes me want to go back on the grass :laughing:
Take an e-bow!

Nicely done :v:

My brain said elbow when I read the opening post and I was puzzled… Well done.

Some really pro level stuff going on in here, wow Phil!