Upload avatar

Hi all, I have searched for the answer but not got anywhere with my lack of ability to upload an avatar to my profile.
I can get to the picture selection but when trying to choose an image from my drive they are all pale and cannot be selected.
Do I have to have to go up in trust levels a bit more or am I missing something really obvious. I have tried on an I Mac and MacBook.

I don’t recall a delay in profile image but, I don’t know with the new site. You’re in update profile /profile picture. Should work right away I think.


Hi, thank you for your reply.
I simply cannot upload an avatar image.
When I go to select image it’s like they are all greyed out and not selectable.
Not the end of the world.
Even small images that I use as avatars on other sites.
But thank you :pray:

Check these old discussions …


Problem solved, my iMac or MacBook wouldn’t allow an image to be selected so tried phone and that worked,
All very odd but sorted.