How do I upload an avatar?

I’ve already uploaded one via the dashboard, but it doesn’t appear on the forum

See my recent reply to other user

How to change avatar

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Thank you. That worked

Same question, different year - I’ve got an avatar on the main site but it doesn’t show up in the community. adi_mrok’s link I broken now - any advice to get my pic up on the forum?

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Oliver, have you recently uploaded the avatar on the website? I know it can take a little while (not sure exact duration) to refresh.

Have you tried these links for help on the browser caching/history: and Navigation - Password Maintenance - #17 by Majik which are available to me.

I uploaded the avatar last week sometime, will have a look at the caching issues though this is the same across several devices.

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Hi Oliver try accessing your browser via incognito mode and log in to site and community from there. That will do the trick.

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Thanks, I’m logged in incognito and can see the avatar. So assume most others can see it too!

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Yes I can see it now too :slight_smile:

Hi Oliver,
Good to see you… :grin::sunglasses:

This link no longer appears to work. It says “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

Can you repost the steps here?

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Hi and Welcome to the Community,

You will need to upload to you profile on the Dashboard on Justin’s Main website. From what I recall it will not automatically update here without logging off and on both on the main website and here.

Another thread on the subject



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