Using the iRig


As I travel a lot and cannot always take an amp, it made sense to me to use an interface for my iPad or Mac. This way it cannot only record myself, but also use a multitude of amps, pedals and so forth instead of having to buy and take them around.

I found this one here, seems a reasonable price to me for getting into to this stuff.

I was wondering, if anybody has experience using the iRig or any kind of other interface… would you recommend it? Is it easy to use, or do I need other equipment?



Personally, I would compare this to a standalone unit like the Mustang Mini, Nux MP-3 or Boss Pocket GT, which may be more convenient.



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Yeah, i was considering that too but I wanted to have it digital to be able to experiment with different Amps, effects, etc. …

At this stage I would recommend the NUX MP3. I just tested it with my new ipad. With garageband was able to record my guitar as well as use garageband’s effects pedals. The big benefit of the NUX MP3 is that it works as a standalone plug amp. It has plenty of amp models and effects pedals to play with. It can be used as an audio interface with your PC as well as the ipad. It connects via bluetooth so you can play along to lessons and backing tracks wirelessly. Its relatively cheap.

Recording is not really my thing and I haven’t fully come to grips with recording (input/output level adjustment etc) but the MP3 definitely works. There are some USB settings that I don’t fully understand yet.

AFAIK, with the irig, I think it will be necessary to plug into your ipad whenever you want to use it. It’s not a standalone amp unlike the mustang and the NUX.

I also have an old irig 2 which works with the ipad.

Which version ipad do you have? I have a new one with a single USB port and no headphone jack which is a pain. This could be a problem if you use the mustang micro because, afaik, the micro doesn’t send the ipad audio back through the usb connector. And since it doesn’t have a headphone jack you have to listen to it through the ipad speakers. A bluetooth speaker won’t work because of the lag, which makes playing impossible. The micro might be fine with headphone speakers if your ipad has a headphone jack.


I second the Nux MP3 mighty plug. Earphones for quiet practice (I use the wired buds that came with my phone). Amazing range of amps/cabs and effects. Can use without phone or pc, just plug and play. Even has backing tracks, drums, tuners etc built in. Unbeatable for the price. Oh and did I mention you can record and or livestream😁

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Another vote for the MP-3 from NuX.

I would have a look at the amps, FX, and IRs that come with the MP-3 and then match that up against what comes with Amplitube, I’m assuming you’re going to use Amplitube as your software suite.

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Thank you so mich, I did not know that!

No, it I looked into it and I am convinced.

Ok, ok, I just bought it… you convinced me! I can’t wait to have it.:smile:


I was browsing Gearpage forum re mp3 and one of the members provided link to a collection of custom presets for the Nux mp3 pro. You can scan individual presets or download the lot in one file. I picked a few that I found sounded really nice on my guitar setup and thought I’d share the link here for other Nux users.


I habe another question… I keep getting this error massage in my App. Do you have it too? I can’t seem to find the updated app …

It’s the device firmware that is out of date.

You need to go to and download the updater (either for Mac or Windows), connect the MP-3 to the computer with a USB cable, and update it.

There’s also a firmware update instruction PDF on the same website which explains how to do this, including how to put the device into “DFU mode” so it can be updated.



Here is a good overview of the NUX MP3. It should get you up and running. The new firmware has added a tuner which is great. You’ll find it under the settings options.

Hi Kevin, the NUX site also has a pdf describing how to update the firmware of your MP3. Make sure you read it carefully.:slightly_smiling_face:

It is worth doing the update as there are some additional features available, such as a built in tuner. Give us a shout if you need any help working it out.

For anyone updating the mighty plug, this may be helpful.

There’s also Apogee’s Jam (and JamX) -

Also works with ipad, iphone and android; the only beef I have with it is the micro-usb interface, which brings in weird combinations (micro-usb - lightning/usb-c). But otherwise I like it more than iRig, it’s sturdy and cool.

I just plugged it into mac/ipad and iphone with Bias FX and it was great. The wires go back and forth all over the place, but overall it’s a great thing to have, you can interface guitar into anything w/o desktop interface.

whoooa, now I want this too :smiley:

Hi guys,
It worked well! Thank you so much.
Still, it appears that I am too stupid to connect it to my Mac… I wanted to record into garage band, but it does not work. Can anybody help? :S

Hi Kevin, I’m using mine with an iPad and haven’t done recording yet but a quick play revealed it connected via my usb/camera connector (my old iPad doesn’t have built in usb). In GarageBand I selected audio/instrument and added a track. I needed to connect the mp3 via Bluetooth to iPad before GarageBand would connect to it. You will need to connect to Mac Bluetooth. Just tapping the exposed plug on the mp3, I see the waveform jump so it’s seeing the input. Some pics taken during connection are below. Last pic you can see tapping input recorded on guitar track.

So playing around with mp3 and GarageBand and slowly getting there. The recorded guitar sounds really good (not the playing of it lol). I needed to go into mp3 settings, usb output and turn up the level to 10+ db so that I could keep the mp3 earplugs from blowing my eardrums. In hindsight I could probably set mp3 to loopback and listen that way. Still the first approach seems to be working well.

In summary, connect mp3 to mightieramp app first if you want to adjust output levels. You can leave it connected and run side by side with GarageBand to adjust levels and settings on the fly. Next connect mp3 to Bluetooth on iPad. Open GarageBand and check settings to make sure mp3 shows connected. If not just tap the setting to connect.
Add a track, hit record and play :grin: Should be similar on Mac.

I have an old mac with an old version of garageband. If you check preferences did it pick up the NUX Pro?

You need to connect with a usb cable.

My preferences look like this

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Thanks Dave TC59 for this info I’ve been having problems connecting my nux mp3 and GarageBand will this a try next.