Version 3.2.0 released Jul 1, 2022 - improvements / songs gone

Thank you so much Justin (from a fellow Justin :wink: ) - I know that licenses are tricky, and if songs don’t come back, thats life, theres tons of kicka** songs and there’s still the videos of the old ones etc.

Hearing that you guys are gonna take care of (almost) empty training modules seriously made my day! Especially in my semi-early stages (few months in) it’s so important to know songs that are “on my lvl”, e.g. that do not require some weird in between beats or overly hard chord changes etc.

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The problem with the chord category is that sometimes they include weird strumming patterns, or offbeat and too fast chord changes that can make learning really frustrating. Luckily, Justin already responded that he recognizes the problem and he’s gonna look into it to offer some replacement songs on a best effort basis. :slight_smile:


Accepting the fact that some songs are gone the upgrade is a great improvement as far the performance. The App is running a lot smoother on my Samsung A7 tablet. I thought that the tablet was slow but now the app is running much faster and smoother post update. Also the addition of the playlist was a needed feature.



I’m glad they know it’s a problem dropping all those songs, but it’s still unacceptable. I have invested not just money, but also time (6+ months!), learning songs with this app, and literally half of my favorites have disappeared. It’s going to make it much harder for me to finish learning these songs. It’s like having the rug pulled out from under you. What am I supposed to do now?

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Hi Craig, I know its not ideal but in the meantime while Musopia are trying to resolve the licensing issue you could check out the song section of the website for the songs you have been learning and create your own songs book. There are some templates on the website for chord and lyric sheets and Justin’s song lessons are very good. Creating your own song book will also help with learning the songs plus gives you a back up for practising your song repetiore if for any reason you can’t access the app.

Hey Graig,
Hopefully they can resolve the liscense issue and get the songs back soon.
There are some other things you can try. Over the past few weeks I was in the process of changing my approach. I was locating tabs on the web and using spotify for the backing tracks. While the App is fun and easy, I had a hard time memorizing the chord progressings since i was just playing along. Now that i have to write the progression down and figure out when the chords change by listening and playing along and not by watching the karoke chords it has helped my playing. I attached a song that i learned this week as a sample. each square represents one bar(4 beats). I think it is mostly correct.

Good Luck


I’ve created a new topic, so we can point others to the best resources that allow them to keep working on the most popular missing songs.


Hi, there. I didn’t see your name, but thank you! This is the second time I’ve had an issue where other members of the JG community reached out to help. That’s a big benefit of joining this group; people are genuinely helpful!

I’ve been thinking of making my own song book for awhile. I actually bought both volumes of the JG physical songbooks, and a lot of the songs I practice are in them. It’s true that I have grown accustomed to the “karaoke” features of the app, and it probably has slowed down my memorization of the chord progressions a bit. When I first started using the app, it was super important because I could slow down the tempo. Now that I’m practicing all my songs at 100%, that’s not so much of an issue.

Creating my own songbook has seemed a bit daunting, but I haven’t looked at Justin’s templates. I probably should.

Honestly, one of the few things I don’t like about the app is the lack of integration with the website. I have missed content because I was using the app exclusively and had to catch up by going to the website.

I do hope they can resolve the music licensing issue quickly.


Hey, there: I feel the exact same way. I’m 55, and learning guitar is the best new thing I’ve done in decades. I’m feeling lost too. Having to improvise practice is slowing me down. Improv is great, but not as a beginner.


Thank you Craig, your posts could seriously be my own words exactly. I’m feeling a bit more optimistic this morning. While I still feel like I’m a bit lost and will have to change how I learn, I’m hoping in the end it makes me a better guitar player. Best of luck to you! It is really helpful having this community right now!

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Thank you, Terrilynn!

Yep for a slow and steady tortoise learner like me, it’s important to know that songs are going to be on the app for at least six months. Some of the ‘developer’ ones even longer.
e.g. there are no longer any U2 songs and a Cure song I was working on has also disappeared. Pretty demotivating.


I also didn’t write down the tags for the songs I was practising and am now struggling a bit. As tabs I found elsewhere doesn’t always fit with where I am in my learning experience.

Could we perhaps start a thread an share notes for tabs of the missing songs? Anyone willing to share?

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@thomthom See my post up thread.

Not many contributions yet, unfortunately.

Hey Phillip, I like the way you came up with your own lead sheet format.

The spreadsheet style grid really makes the structure of the song obvious.

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Thanks, It helps to see the repeating patterns are. For that song that i shared all 3 verses are the same except for the last 3 bars where verse 2 leads into the bridge and verse 3 leads into the outro. so it was helpful for me to memorize the song when i can see the entire song format.


Hi all, I know a lot of complaints have been made about the missing songs in the app, and I totally agree because if I want to do this the right way I need to learn three new songs to pass beginner grade 1 ( or do I just move on to grade 2).

The other thing I hate about the app is that the songs that are in my favorites after I select one song to play the other start automatically I don’t think that should be like that. Are others having this issue also? If this is a permanent setting I don’t like it.

I also read through the comments and some of you made comments about not renewing the subscription to the app, I’m also thinking of doing that. I purchased the app, some books, to help support Justin, but not if it continues to be like this.

I use mainly the app for the lessons, because I paid for it, but now thinking I need to use website.

Oh sorry for vetting just 8 months into learning and feeling very frustrated



This has been brought up before and I completely agree; the non-optional autoplay needs to get dumped or have an option added. This is a learning/practice app, not a traditional music player. My favorite songs span from my early days in learning to the latest…that doesn’t mean I want to automatically play them all (well, the few that remain after the update). Hopefully, they’ll get that straightened out.

The website is the way to go, in my opinion, for the lessons. Much more information is available in the lesson and the website’s progress/practice tracking is excellent. Early on, I tried out the app’s lessons, but once I saw there was no tie-in with the website, as far as tracking, I stuck with the website from there on out.

Agree with the others regarding auto play. Repetition is important in practicing imo and the auto play of next song flies in the face of that.

Auto play also gets in the way constantly when I select a song. Usually I want to go to the strumming tab to check the pattern before I start the song but the damn auto play causes the song to start while I am checking the pattern.

Serious question: do any of the designers/feature-adders of the app actually use it?

That question crossed my mind as well…
They have at least acknowledged it as an “issue”, so hopefully there’s an appropriate update soon.