Vintage Club #10 with Richard | Fingerstyle Part 2

Hey folks :wave:

Richard is back for a Vintage Club #10 on Fingerstyle next Monday! Register for it on the Clubs page. :slight_smile:

Lesson prep available here!


Hey Fanny,
just tried the link, which leads to the website / Vintage Club # 10, which is ok, in the text under the title I find:
“Also, access all TAB in pdf format (including options to play Canon-ish in C with Fmaj7) and all mp3 tracks here.”
When clicking “here” it takes me to Dropbox and I get a notification “the folder vintage club doesn’t exist” (translated). Am I missing something?

I wont miss this one :slight_smile:

Thank you for the heads up.
I will fix it tomorrow.
The link leads to the resources shared from Club 7 so nothing new, just a sweep for people who missed it.
The link to tab and mp3 is in the Learn More of club 7 plus the resources are under the Resouces button.


Ah, thanks Richard, I thought you’ve already posted some additional prep.
Looking forward to Monday!

Can you see if it works now please @Helen0609

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Works fine for me, Richard, leads me to the files of #7, which I couldn’t see yesterday.

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@Richard_close2u Going to take a rain check on this one but look forward to seeing the post club material. All sounds similar to the techniques I’ve been using on my Solo Blues journey and those 4/4 patterns have been in the practice schedule for a while. See you at #11.


Going live in a few minutes
Launch Meeting - Zoom (Passcode: 123)

Enjoyed last night’s club. I play fingerstyle frequently but it showed me I’ve been neglecting some base patterns and always going to the others - the same as having “pet licks” in the blues I suppose. Plus harmonizing the scale in 10ths, really useful.

I want to share something with you all that I’ve found incredibly helpful recently, and I think other older players, or anyone putting in serious practice time , might too:

In Joe Robinson’s club back in Feb he demoed the hand stretches he does before playing. I’d been getting a bit of elbow tendon soreness adopting those moves helped straightaway with reducing that inflammation.
So, subsequently I’ve taken it a bit further, and found some good online advice from a osteo / trainer, (plus a couple of stretches from my wife’s yoga teacher)
Now, every day I do a set of simple strength exercises and a set of stretching for arms, fingers, shoulders. They are designed for guitarists. I didn’t realise there was a difference between stretching and strength before either!!
Most of the stretching is supposed to be done after a long practice session, with a bit of a warm up before.
Combined with a quick vocal warm up, and a couple of minutes of brain plasticity (the standing on one leg thing with eyes closed. I’m a complete convert to this. See Justin’s lesson on it if you’ve missed this )

Whole thing only takes a few minutes, but the positivity and focus it has put into my practice time is amazing!


Yesterday’s Club Session was fantastic, Richard. I enjoyed it a lot. I loved the pinch on 1 and 3, great element to add to my still very basic patterns.
I’m looking forward to dive deeper and add this to my practice schedule! You are a gifted teacher! (Funny to write this, as Gift means poison in German :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Oh. Err. :astonished:
Haha. :laughing:
A little like the ‘poisoned chalice’ in Macbeth?

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:laughing: Just a compliment, no ulterior motives, no poisoned chalices :joy:.

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Thanks, Richard! I was happy to be able to participate in a class, finally! I appreciate your organized and straightforward approach. Even though I would like to think I have been playing a little more advanced finger style than the course, it was really helpful and encourages me to be more mindful of how I approach the technique, as well as some nice ideas on harmonizing and using the fretboard.

And no poison from me!

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Arggh. I may have overdone it yesterday :woozy_face::woozy_face:
Anyone got a spare bottle of liniment and a tube of deep heat?

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Used mine up, sorry.

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Great suggestion on proper stretching @Eccleshall. I try to remember to do some hand and forearm stretching, but it is kind of like flossing your teeth. You know it is good for you, but…


It’s been a game changer for me, and I honestly can’t now imagine not doing them.
You could try doing some stretches immediately you finish playing. This a is a good slot. Doing that feels great because it demonstrates how tensed up everything can get when it’s being worked, and also the differences between the two side of your body, because guitar playing involves quite a bit of asymmetry
Taking care of the shoulders and neck matters too ( there’s a lot going on in there) …

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Resources document is now available in the Archive here.

The document includes clickable links to four mp3 tracks.


Any questions just ask.

And keep the conversation going! :slight_smile: It is great to have tips such as Ruaridh has given and other comment too.

It would be great to see some Club related AVOYP :wink:


Holy moly, this is amazing @Richard_close2u. I had to miss this Club, but it appears you covered enough content in one hour to keep me busy for a year! Thank you. My next stop - making (another) donation. :smiling_face:

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