Waltzing Matilda -Chords&Melody

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Please, we want to know… for science. Chord melodies take me AGES to learn.

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I’m going into the archives just for you now (actually I wanted to ask Brian to do it for me) I first started doing it the week I told him in a pm so it should be possible to find it. …although I am sometimes a bit long-winded there too :grimacing:…but usually after 2 or 3 days for 15 minutes (mostly 2x 10 I guess very roughly) it than went back to rest for days/weeks and sometimes months…Actually it’s quite difficult to say…I started this much earlier than Yesterday, but first the F with thumb over the neck and then that tricky Dm finger picking thing took a lot of time…but it’s there now good in my fingers and even a little better when I start in the morning, but that is thanks to the intensity that recording a video costs me and the extra hours I put in for that and the relaxation afterwards (I think)…
Greeting and I will look the date it begun and the rest is a big guess :grin:

Edit :
12:46 is the only thing I can find in my favorites :grimacing: oooo what a lot of favorites, I haven’t looked there for a long time (2’5 years ???) … searching in the PM’s won’t work … so I say… it was a long time :grimacing:

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That was well played Roger, you need to give us more as I too hit the replay button several times. Our choir did an SATB jazz version of this, but I much prefer the original folk version of the song just like you played it, it has such a sweet melody. :clap:t2:

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Hi Nancy,
That’s very kind of you, thank you :blush:…and I had to look it up on a SATB (of course it`s that :see_no_evil:), but that should/sound must be great too, if it’s just that I haven’t learned to sing yet so that I look up to something like that :sunglasses:

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I was just getting into it and poof, it was gonzo… No big, but more is better… LOL

Nice work and good job!

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:clap: :+1:

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Hi Roger! That sounds beautiful! Bravo !

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Hi Roger, yes it was fun to sing but challenging to learn. And don’t worry I’m not going to go all choral on you but if you want a listen to a vocal jazz arrangement of Waltzing Matilda here’s a version of the Soprano Alto Tenor Bass arrangement we sang – and no it’s not our choir :slight_smile:

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Thanks for looking up and posting … and as much as I think this is very good and I sometimes listen to a choir (live), I would rather listen to a performance that Brian suggested regarding this song. :grin:

Funny how sometimes it’s just out of your taste and now I understand what you meant earlier :smile:



That was hauntingly beautiful Rogier!!
Great playing and alooooot harder than it looks from youre effortless playing…

Well done!! :raised_hands:t2:

Oh… and that Prs!! :fire::fire::fire: seemslike you have a few very very nice guitars…

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Very nice playing there Rogier. Weaving chords and melody together beautifully.

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That was a sweet little treat for my ear, Rogier! :smiley: :clap:

Nicely played, melody ringing out, alternating bass was steady - nothing to add, but:

Too short! Want more! :stuck_out_tongue:

Watching your AVOYPs is dangerous for me, I must admit. After you played “Yesterday” a while ago, I picked that one up, too (almost recording ready). Guess what will happen with this one… :roll_eyes: :smiley:

Thanks for sharing!

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Well Roger, both as an Aussie, and a guitarist, I’m impressed. Its one of those tunes thats grained in our culture.
Very well played mate. Looks like some tricky little sections there.

Cheers, Shane


Nice job Roger! Such a pleasant tune. You sure make it look effortless.

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March '23:
“I am currently battling Waltzing Matilda …that BX$#@$tch” :wink:


Hi Trond @tRONd
Thank you :blush:
And I’m lucky to have all those beautiful guitars … and when you recently wrote "that blues lick (song) on ​​your Fender, I actually wanted to quickly record a video on my Fender … but you didn’t mean that one I got in my head when I think of fender :blush:…and I was afraid that others would call it a bit of bragging… it is my first self-bought (not old and cheap second-hand guitar) and I always dreamed of that brand… so when the opportunity arose 3 and a half (?) years ago. …unfortunately it was much too heavy and last month I hung it up for the first time for 5 minutes to play a lick …and occasionally I do that again …but for a very short time… That PRS quickly became my new dream guitar… but it is rarely used… but over the last 2 months it has been playing more and more often, about 15 minutes (a very rough guess) every 3 days…

Would you like to see my Fender Trond? :roll_eyes:

Hi Phil @twistor59
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Hi Lisa @Lisa_S
Thank you and :grin: good luck with this one :sweat_smile: …look what Brian found and A brainwave about JK`s question what maybe gives some clarity…

Hi Shane @sclay
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Greetings all :man_bowing:

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Well, as you probably know Rogier… i am a huge sucker for guitars :rofl: So nope… bringing out youre arsenal is not bragging…
There is something about an white PRS that triggers me, can not put my fingers on it… i would say 15 min every 3 days is a win :grin: and yes. I want to see youre acoustasonic… prefearably with some blues licks :grin::metal:


Hi Brian …
:smiley: Thank you :sunglasses: :man_bowing: …But is swearing necessary? … soon you will have Andrea on your neck because you use the B word :laughing:

I had to give up searching because I was shocked that there were too many sentences and some of the texts that just passed by :see_no_evil:

So @jkahn since March :scream:… Although that doesn’t mean much with all those weeks/months of break in between… but I just remembered tapping, which might provide a little bit more clarity.

SO: … 23 november 2023 and certainly within that week I started Silent Night
13 December 2023 Was it posted … But I found that one much easier… is this of any use
to you?
In any case, I enjoyed looking it up :smile:


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