Watch out for strings snapping!

Well timing couldn’t be more ironic, I was browsing the internet after reading our own thread regarding strings and how to dispose of them (at least after few first posts) and this popped up on my feed! Yikes! Anyone had any injury related to strings snapping?

Few interesting answers from OP:

Kid named finger

Doc told me I might need hand surgery and he was scared to pull it out. He sent me to the ER where I waited for an hour before it randomly popped out. Got a tet shot and antibiotics

Edit: my insurance is decent. It wasn’t coming out and figured the doc would get a kick out of it, so I went. Didn’t know it was in the bone

Edit 2: “why didn’t you just pull it out” then I wouldn’t have X-rays for the reddit post duh

I cut it with pliers before driving to the doc. I left it pretty long so it was still kinda flopping around lol. As I was sitting in the ER fumbling with all the paperwork they were giving me, it was flopping around a bit which I guess made it come loose. I felt another sting and realized it had moved a bit, then all it took was a gentle pull

The day it happened it kinda felt like when you get a shot in your arm, just sore to the touch. Todays the next day and it’s pretty much normal. Hard to see where it even went in

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Ouch! How unlucky.

That kind of thing makes me wonder if it actually happened, or if it’s just a fake one done for internet points.

B b b b b bad to the bone! :smiley:

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Nailed it

Haven’t thought of it that it could be a fake to be honest. Although somehow I am leaning towards believing it’s true as when you bend tension can teally be quite high. Although it takes some serious misfortune to get it through your bone!