Website Problems

Not sure why, but the site is not allowing me to click links/buttons, login, etc. Everything has a big, greyed out and translucent box over it blocking all site interaction on my end. I used some magic to get in, but it’s a temporary solution.

Restarting the browser, using another browser and reloading the pages has no effect. I am guessing there is some sort of popup not fully rendering on my end whether or not extensions are enabled and this is blocking. Unless I am somehow disallowed all of the sudden. I cannot see the latter being a thing since I haven’t been on in some time.

The site worked fine yesterday (Jun 15, 2023) and now is not working. In fact, I would going through the 8 Essential Beginner Chords again to help me practice chord changes and everything was fine.

Has something changed? Admittedly, I have been away awhile since my wife’s health took a bad turn and we’ve been dealing with that and now that she’s on the mend, I finally have the time to get back to learning to play.

Any help appreciated.

The site has been updated. Here’s the thread to solve your problem