Weekly Update: Ads-Free & Hey From Tasmania!

Hey, Community!

Loads going on this week, very productive over here; I’ll let you read most of it in our August Newsletter - with Justin sending it over from Tasmania. :slight_smile: This trip is well-deserved, and I hope Justin enjoys it to his max! He worked hard to leave lessons and features cooking for y’all before leaving - it was super intense.

News that isn’t on the newsletter (yet!) but I can share here: JustinGuitar is officially ads-free! This has been Justin’s dream for a while now, and we officially removed Google Ads on the site.

Instead of random ads, you might find some special announcements from Justin himself - we’re calling this Justin’s Corner! More on that next month. :slight_smile:

Oh, and look who is now on our Team Page: our super Official Guide @DavidP, who’s been helping us a big deal backstage. :slight_smile: How cool does he look in there? Congrats on having a spot on our team, David, and thank you for your hard work.

Also, congrats to @adi_mrok on the Community Award, and thanks for all your engagement. I’ll reach out soon to sort out your meeting with Justin! Friendly & Helpful Award - to honour the all-round good guy adi_mrok

Hope you have an incredible, super weekend!

Laryne & Team


Thank for the update Laryne. Great news we are now add free stetling work.

Good to see you have David working hard, stella work no doubt.

Congrats Adi, well deserved.


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Everything all 100% brilliant.
Congrats Adrian.

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Where has this been announced as I can’t find anything about this. Congratulations to @adi_mrok by the way!!

Congrats indeed!! Have an awesome lesson Adrian :slightly_smiling_face:

It is in Justin’s newsletter. Check your e-mail :slight_smile:

Congrats @adi_mrok! Well deserved.

Just found it thanks. The email hadn’t arrived when I read this announcement.

Thanks for the weekly update, Laryne.

Ads Free is significant move, I do love what it says about Justin and JustinGuitar.

I’m honoured to be part of the team. In reality, there are many members who give so generously. I often start reading a Topic, begin formulating a reply, and find another member has already taken care of things. This truly is a special community.


Stuart, and here Friendly & Helpful Award - to honour the all-round good guy adi_mrok

Folks, I suggest you post all the congratulatory messages as replies to this topic.


Hi to The entire team,
What a great newsletter with all that fantastic news…and double congratulations to Justin on your weird (it costs something :sunglasses:) but oh so noble and beautiful dream…me and many are very grateful to you for this…

Thank you Laryne for good news and team for appreciation, I am looking forward to getting in touch with you regarding the award! :slight_smile:

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wow. that’s huge. specially being the vast majority of the content free. And having a team, servers, etc to maintain.

Great work! :metal:

JustinGuitar ad free; I live to see the day!
Yeah it is a big deal since it has been mentioned every year…for YEARS :smiley:

It feel like @DavidP has always been around to me so having on on the teampage was an obvious one! :smiley:

I’m also very proud and I guess i’m part of the furniture now :smiley:

Also; props to @larynejg as well; You might not see here in action “on stage” here but she is managing a LOT of the operations that keep the team, jobs and everything else running.


Amen to that.
Laryne is the bee’s knees!


I have to say I hadn’t noticed that ads!!

Thanks and done!

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@LievenDV @Richard_close2u Thank you! <3