What are Unread posts

Daft question I know but why do I have a section of ‘unread’ posts, which at the moment is showing 5? I have lots of unread posts in the Latest section so why a separate list for unread?


I won’t claim to fully understand all the nuances of how the platform behaves based on the way one configures one’s experience and uses the notification options.

What I have noticed is that you can dismiss items from that Unread option on the landing page and setup so none of the topics are ever included there again.

So my thinking is that when you are seeing may be the result of various settings and actions you have taken before.

Sorry I can be of more help.

@LievenDV @Richard_close2u can either of you provide a more confident, comprehensive answer?

Its my understanding that the unread posts are the posts which the system has setup as Tracking. The ones on the latest section are both unread posts which are set as Tracking and Normal.

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I don’t use any configurations for notifications.

See above!! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to know why there is an Unread section when 99% of the Latest are unread.

Why has the system set up these specific posts and why not all the other unread posts from Latest?

Also is there any news on dismissing the unread posts to the Latest section?

If you go into your preferences and notifications you will see the below:

The way I understand it is if you’ve spent 4 mins reading that topic it automatically changes to tracked. You can change the setting from the default.

Therefore, those that have been automatically set to track will be shown as the unread that you are seeing.


Thanks. Have to say that I have never been into this section before!!

What is the difference between watching and tracking?

Watching means you get a notification on your icon as if someone has responded to one of your posts. It confused me one day when I had a topic accidentally set as watching.

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If you scroll down to the bottom of this post and you change the options it will give you a description of what each option does.

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Thanks. Didn’t know that existing either. Learn something new everyday.

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