What are you currently listening to? 2022

Another guitar goosebump song, at least for me, heard it a while ago in the background of a film. I love the melancholy mood. Added directly to my “songs to learn” list.

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The story of this group is certainly very interesting.

Happy New year everyone !

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I’ve recently bought the entire discography of Yawning man. (http://yawningman.com/)
Ever since i discovered bandcamp, i’m having a somewhat unhealthy relation with my credit card.
But man, the music i found… (and bought)… It’s well worth it…
For example:
Rock Formations | Yawning Man

I love discovering new bands and Bandcamp is indeed a fab platform, esp for all the lesser-known bands. I struggle getting to grips with large back catalogue downloads. If I don’t listen to an album at least a couple of times when I get it, it’s likely to remain unlistened to on my pc.
Btw. this is the 2022 thread. There’s a new one every year, although I have no idea why :thinking: :wink:

I didn’t notice that. Thanks for pointing out that i’m a year or two behind…
Maybe some of the admins can put this in the right place.

And indeed, Bandcamp is awesome!