What are you currently listening to? 2024

I see your “old-timy” metal and raise you some Swedish contemporary one :blush:. Seriously though… thought you might perhaps find this interesting… At least in my ears, there are clearly some Southern Rock influences in this song…


Perfect answer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My partner asks if she send an invitation and if he came over :sunglasses:

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My god its the offspring of Alice Cooper and Frank Zappa ! Run !! :rofl:

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Aah… Now that you say it. True there are some similarities… :smile:

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You would have to have been there back in the day ! :rofl:

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In memory of Magnum founding member Tony Clarkin who passed away at the weekend, announced today.

I’ve seen Magnum half a dozen times and always had a great night out. Had planned to see them later this year touring their new album (out on the 12th) but the tour had been cancelled due to Tony’s ill health.

Another influence leaves us.


I’ve been listening to classic Def Leppard after I got a message on my new Tik-tok account from Rick Savage saying thanks for being a fan and covering our music. My last attempt at a Def Leppard song wasn’t so great so I was really surprised. So Sav challenged me to do another cover of their music so working on this one. I sucked last time I tried long ago, but sounding better this year.

Of course maybe it’s not really him but someone who represents him. I still thought the possibility was cool to be followed by a real professional.


Just popped a Grimbergen and checked the TV schedules. Friday evening and yep (10)57 channels and nothing on as the Boss once said. Anyway I’d been goofing around with some chromatic blues runs this morning and this bunch came to mind. Dug into the digital collection earlier and played some old favourites.

Overshadowed by Skynyrd and the Allmans, The Outlaws were often overlooked but a great kick ass Southern Rock Band. Found this a while back on the toob but saved it for a rainy day. No rain but sub zero right now so a good time to hit play ! :sunglasses:

OK got the Southern Rock itch out of the system.

As I have added Hard Rock early Metal to my curriculum for 2024, I have been revisiting lots of old bands from yesteryear, Maiden, Saxon, Purple, Priest, Rainbow and Sabbath to name but a few. So I realised that despite me seeing Sabbath as Ozzy and Ronnie as THE vocalists and the others getting nowhere near them and Dio’s super vox on the Rainbow albums, I never did a deep dive into Dio as a band, Yes I knew a few of there bigger hits, heard them pop up on Planet Rock but never invested in the “discography”. So it was time to change all that, find 12 on the volume and have some fun.

Just a couple of albums for now but beats Netflix and Amazon. This old rockers off for Zeds.


Daughter’s been working 15 hr days 12 days straight and on call 24 x 7 keeping her NHS region running and still finds time to keep her old man fed with cool toons to float his boat. Down dirty Southern Rock ticks the usual boxes and another new band for me.

What’s not to like.

And the Toob algorithms chucked me a cool SAHB offering. Suspect Norway has never been the same. Good to see Zal Cleminson is still alive and kicking. One of the most entertaining guitarist out there (and boy was he out there !).

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Scratching a fusion itch.

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Just ran across this version of Stratus, played by John McLaughlin just last year. Had to post it, too. Dude is in his 80s and is still a monster player.


My goal to play it this year


Good choices! I’ve been spending some time recently with Dio and Holy Diver especially - simple but effective power chord riffage that’s not difficult to get to grips with :metal:


Sad to hear Tony passed away, saw them quite a lot in my youth, but not quite as many as those in your avatar Pete, I lost count of those gigs.

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You appear to have a good choice in music there @philsmith!
Lost count myself of seeing ‘those in my avatar’ :wink: from both before and after the big Scottish fella fronted them. It still surprises me how little Steve Rothery is publicly ‘known’ having read guitar forums for many a year. One of the few guitarist who can genuinely send a shiver down my spine with his phrasing.

Have to be honest I stopped listening them when Fish left. I can feel myself being dragged back towards the rabbit hole. @TheMadman_tobyjenner is also posting a lot of bands from my youff.

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A favorite from a few years back now and I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed the guitar solo. Must have a crack at working that one out as couldn’t find the tab last time I looked.
The Eden House were (are?) a collaborative project that had some ex-members from ‘Fields of The Nephilim’ in the fold (for those of you into your goth)

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Whilst having more of a soft-spot for their first 4 albums, you’d be missing out on some later classics if you ignore a sizable proportion of the stuff with ‘H’. Do an Alice and get down that rabbit hole …

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Currently on Tool/Undertow because why not?