What are you currently playing? (Video games)

Lol hey guys. So im an avid gamer and right now im about to try out the spiderman remastered game for PC. Do any of you enjoy gaming? If so what are you currently playing?! :slight_smile:


a little bit of gaming here, had a good session of gran turismo with my son on his play station recently, when we finish traveling in our rv can’t wait to buy my own ps to battle him

Knee deep into xenoblade chronicles 3 on my switch right now. I actually finished spider man and miles morales just a couple weeks ago on PS5, very good games.

I like to play and I played some more before getting my guitar, now one hobby took place of another :grinning: however I did play a new Spider Man game on PS4 and it was really good, never found time though to play a second part with Miles Morales in it.

And those are usually games I like, with a plot that sort of have start and finish :slight_smile: so Red Dead Redemption, any Batman game etc etc :slight_smile:

Hi Byron,
The last game I did was something with a frog that had to cross the road, between the cars … terrifying for that poor animal and me :upside_down_face:, … it was a while ago I thought :smiling_face:


Hi Byron, the last time I played it was the game Heavy Rain. Goodness knows when that was, I might have to wipe the dust off my ps and fire it back on.

Like Adrian, I spend much less time gaming since picking up guitar. It’s more of a fall-back hobby now, for if my fingers are too sore to practice, or if I’m too tired to engage with one of my other more creative hobbies.

I’ve always been into both racing and flight simulators, so they make up a big part of my gaming. I ran an online racing club for many years for a large community, though finally retired from that last Autumn. The sims I still play fairly regularly are RaceRoom, IL-2 Sturmovik, and DCS. (I also have MS Flight Sim via a £1 Game Pass, but am unlikely to buy it when the subscription expires.)

In other genres, X4 takes care of my space sim itch. I also like RPGs, though few really make the grade these days. I go back to the classics instead, such as Baldur’s Gate 1&2 and the original two (2D) Fallout games. For straight up action I turn to Red Dead Redemption 2, Hitman 3, and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

Given that there are many games out there that seem to be more about mindlessly watching and waiting for things to happen than actually playing, I sometimes combine gaming with guitar practice! Any game that involves some form of “management” (aka, waiting for money or a timer of some kind) is usually good for that.

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Nice guys! Glad im not the only gamer here lol. @alexisduprey yeah xenoblade is wonderful!

I used to play quite a lot mainly on Gran Turisimo, Descent, and some of the other racing and shoot em up games; now I occasionally play on some of the RC plane, Glider and Drone sims but nothing else, just no time for it these days!

I was well behind the curve but a couple of years ago I got sucked into Skyrim. Loved it.

I got a PS5 this year, and bought Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk but haven’t started either one yet (no time!)

Other titles that I fully enjoyed and put many many hours into are Hollow Knight (cannot wait for the sequel, Silksong) and Hades. Both are absolutely addicting. If you don’t mind a short, low difficulty game, try Gris. It’s incredible musically and visually and the story isn’t a pile of crap, either.

I want to try Stray but I just don’t have time to play games I’ve got, let alone get another new one. Also I want to try the new God of War when it releases.

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster gamer…or guitarist for that matter. :smiley:

Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, pentium II 266mhz, AMD Athlon 900mhz, …all the way to the machine I have now.

started ouit on pc with, Command & Conquer games, Carmageddon, Total Annihaliation, GP2, a bit later into Half-life 1 DM, Unreal Tournament, counter-strike, day of defeat,
I used to run a 35+ members counter-strike clan and almost beat #2 of Belgium in Need for Speed (underground?) after only a few hours in on a lan-party,

We still do the occasional PUBG, Rocket League, Humankind, Company of Heroes 1 and 2, Gloomhaven digital and some occassional more exotic stuff on steam.

Most important factor for me: being with friends on Discord and having fun making bad jokes and pullign of crazy stuff. The game itself doesn’t matter so much

Nice man, yeah i love most of those games you mentioned. I remember playing unreal tournament with my dad on a old pc back in the day lol! Fun times! I loved their music the best though!

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My favorite genre is the old school CRPG, my favorite game of all time is Pillars of Eternity, a spiritual successor to Baldur’s gate and other infinity engine games like icewind dale. Those original fallout games are also spectacular.

I need games that have me heavily involved with the systems. Big RPGs usually fit the bill.

It really is, I’ve always like the Xenoblade series and this one is shaping up to be my favorite of the three.

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Ah yes, Pillars of Eternity is one of the few more modern RPGs which manages to capture what made the classics so good. Too many “ARPGs” these days, which are all clicking and no substance. Fallout 2 is my personal favourite game of all time. I wasn’t impressed when they took the series first-person. I’m almost ashamed to admit that I missed Icewind Dale at the time, though I might pick up the Enhanced Edition at some point. It’s just having the time to get through a game which can be 50+ hours long… as a teenager in the 90’s I had that time, not so much these days though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Byron, another fellow gamer here.

however i’ve reduced the time i play this year, because… the guitar + life stuff doesn’t give me much time. on weekends i can play a bit more.

i’m currently playing again Bayonetta 2. Nintendo announced bayonetta 3 launching on august i get hyped :joy:.

it is funny you brought this topic because, yesterday i was thinking about the relativeness of time… I’m about 200 hours playing guitar in 2 years, and the progress has been huge. And that’s close to the time i spent playing the witcher. in 3 months :sweat_smile:. obviously the effort needed for each hobby is different. but it is funny to think that all my dedication to the guitar is just the same as one of the games i’ve played

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:smiley: no offense :smiley:


That’s an interesting observation that I never even thought about. I’m about 115 hours after ~8 months into playing guitar according to Justin’s practice assistance. Compare that to my hours in Skyrim (200+) feels so weird. I played that game mostly the first 3-4 months of release. It feels like I’ve spent more time playing guitar but I clearly haven’t. Time is definitely a weird soup.

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I’ve been thinking about this too in recent years, and it’s also one of the reasons I do less gaming now. (And I don’t watch TV at all, other than the occasional movie or motor race.) I too have games in which I’ve spent a hundred hours or more. But other than the personal satisfaction of having (probably) finished the game, what have I actually got to show for that time investment? Nothing at all. And even on an purely entertainment level, how much of those hundreds of hours was spent just trying to reach the end for the sake of it, as opposed to being fully engaged and interested in what I was doing? Half? More? :thinking:

Had a I sunk that time into drawing/painting, I would be a far better artist than I am now. Had I sunk it into guitar, I’d be a far better player. Both would likely make me feel far more accomplished than finishing a computer game, as well as creating new opportunities for future advancement.

Maybe it’s middle-age making me consider these things, but it really is food for thought for all ages I think.

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Don’t be too hard on yourselves guys

Playing guitar and especially practice can be intense and you have less opoortunities to play guitar than games if you have a wife, husband and/or kids in the house and it’s getting late :wink:

I PLAY a LOT more guitar than I PRACTICE and that helps racking up the hours.
songs.songs.songs.songs. Time goes by real fast that way.
and of course I still learn new things and practice some other things but always in a functional way; serving certain songs to upgrade etc.

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All it really boils down to is about enjoying your time with guitar or even a game or movie! If you enjoyed it… then its time not wasted! :slight_smile: