What are your dreamer songs?

An enjoyable parts of the forum is seeing everyone’s unique journey in learning the guitar and their aspirations for future playing.

  • Did you have a dreamer song before picking up the guitar?
  • What dreamer song do you visualise playing at an imaginary point in the future?

Mine are -
Nick Drake - Pink Moon - Nick Drake - Pink Moon - YouTube
Andy McKee - Drifting - Andy McKee - Guitar - Drifting - www.candyrat.com - YouTube

By lovely serendipity I’ve come across other forum members playing them both recently. It’s a real boost seeing others being able to realise this. By association it makes it feel more realistic.

Also, since picking up an electro-acoustic guitar for the first time I’m finding myself unexpectedly falling down a rabbit hole of guitar pedals and ambient soundscapes. This doesn’t lend itself to a ‘song’ that I’d like to be able to replicate but more a freedom of being able to live improvise.

For reference I’m currently on module 8, in grade 2.


ah yes, many have been there :wink:

Eventually, you’ll come back to a well picked selection of gear and a sounds made up of a compressor, a suitable pre-amp and a subtle reverb and/or delay for that godlike finish :smiley:

My current dreamer songs is being able to sing a decent version of “kiss from a rose” by Seal and to be able to remember all the chord changes to “Obvious Child” by Paul Simon


either bad love by eric clapton or tunnel of love by mark knopfler


At the moment my dreamers are,

Blackbird - The Beatles
I believe in Father Christmas - Greg Lake.

Singing and playing both.


Sooo many!

I would think “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” is in my list.

Also “A Day in November “ (classical)

Right now, the dreamer I am working on as a finger style version of “A Whiter Shade of Pale”. Way out of my league but I have memorized to bar 24 of 85…the verse (in this version) that is all harmonics will destroy me!


Here’s one of mine; Blind Arthur’s Breakdown by Blind Blake:


Dreamer songs for me are the ones I know are harder than my current skill, but I intend to play them some day. My list rotates as I realize I can play them, where they move to actively being learned.

I am not quite half-way through grade 3.

Just off the list:

  • M&O Blues, Willie Brown - I finally got that intro riff working pretty well. Now need to figure out the tempo of the stuff between the riffs.
  • Ja Nuns Hons Pris, Richard the Lionhearted - Took ages to memorize, but now working toward expression improvements and cleaning an occasional buzzed note.
  • The Jack, AC/DC - I can finally make that stretch for the opening sequence! Next is making the A, A#,B sequence accurately and on time. The rest just needs memorization.

Near the top of the dreamer list:

  • Hey, Hey, Big Bill Broonzy - Justin has the Clapton version as a grade 6 lesson, so I may go with Clapton’s version, it is close to Broonzy.
  • Vibrato - yeah, I know it isn’t a ‘song’, but I cannot get my hand to wiggle fast enough to perform a nice vibrato, but there are a lot of places I will need it.
  • Asturias (Leyenda), Isaac Albéniz - The initial 20-ish bars are not so bad, but the following double drone just doesn’t seem to be something my head wants to deal with.
  • 2112, Rush - yeah… the whole album side in one sitting. It will be a while before I even get started on this.
  • many more. :slight_smile:

Been generally working on the AC/DC catalog of songs. This will take me a long time. These are not really dreamer other than some fingerings are not what my hand can do without physical conditioning.


Hi Sound_Bound! Visualising yourself to be able to play to the song you want to, is such a great motivation (that would help you get through tough times) and vision (keep yourself on track, becoz you know what you going to do). Keep it up!

-Did you have a dreamer song before picking up the guitar?
Kotaro Oshio’s 翼 You are the Hero. It inspires me to play DADGAD. The tune is very youthful and motivating :sparkling_heart: And I come up with a message with it lol
“Its about how much I want to do and achieve it, ultimately matters”

What dreamer song do you visualise playing at an imaginary point in the future?
Probably Michael Hedges’ Aerial Boundaries? xD Ah and Mike Dawes’ Boogie Shred lol. Got to learn that piece too. And there are so many songs I want to learn and master.

Thank you and wish you have a great day =)


Every song was a dreamer song before picked up the guitar!! :wink:

Currently though, my couple are
Hendrix - Little Wing
Lade Gaga / Bradley Cooper - Shallow


One that was a dreamer for 10 years is older chests Damien Rice, it’s now part of my repertoire and played it at an open mic last weekend.

Others are black water by the doobies, I have started on it.

And deep water blues by doc watson, I’ve started on it and given up for now.


Ohh have so many that I would love to play. This may be because I’ve been spending a lot of time in my rock study, but that last 5 songs in Justin’s rock songbook (the ones that he fully tabbed out) are all amazing and showcase a variety of technical skill that I would love to one day be able to play:

  • The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy
  • Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits
  • Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • You Shook me All Night Long by AC/DC (I’ll add Back in Black, Hells Bells, and Shoot to Thrill for AC/DC while I’m at it)
  • Black Betty by Ram Jam

Also, some Foo Fighters songs like All My Life and Hey Johnny Park. Metallica’s Master of Puppets and for whom the bell tolls. Gosh I could go on and on, I’ll do one more cause it’s kind of a weird lofty one. Troy Stetina has an instrumental song called Aliens Among Us, the genre is shred. That one will probably never happen cause the technical skill to play it is kind of crazy but it’s on the list nonetheless.


At the moment mine is Muse Hysteria on my Bass, it’s deceptively difficult! I’m up to around 75% speed at the moment but it’s hard to get faster!


Crazy song on bass, I remember attempting to learn that way back in the day!


Welcome to the forum @bennycraib.

My current dreamer song is Justin Johnson’s finger-style slide guitar version of Honky Tonk Woman If THE ROLLING STONES was Delta Blues... "Honky Tonk Women" Cover • Justin Johnson - YouTube , it is so cool. I don’t know how to play slide so I’ll need to learn some slide basics before I start working on this one!


Oooh cool topic! Great reading everyone’s thoughts on this :sunglasses:

I’m thinking it would have been something like playing the rhythm for Metallica’s Master of Puppets.
To what I’m sure would’ve been the complete astonishment of myself back then, I am getting close to achieving that dream, which I feel immensely grateful for.

I’m not sure I have a specific song, but I would love to one day be able to play the solos in the songs I love. At the moment that seems like complete fantasy, but I guess so did the above when I started, so who knows! :joy:
Also, I would love to have the skill to just freely jam with others, create interesting, melodic music whilst locking in with them, whether they’re other guitarists or a band.

Thanks again for sharing this, it’s nice to consider these from time to time to help re-focus the direction of learning! :slightly_smiling_face:


I feel somehow good about myself seeing couple of songs I did are on others dreamer lists :grinning:

Q1: plenty of those! And still do!

Q2: there are a few songs I would love to learn to play which sit on a Dreamers list, but I will limit to top3:

  1. Snow Hey Oh by RHCP - I can play the whole song, but it just sounds shit IMO and I need day in day out practice to regain dexterity. I somehow blame it on my cheap strat and it’s high action, as it’s a lot easier to play on my medium budget LP. So I plan to upgrade my strat first before getting back to it as it’snot an LP song! :grinning: If I fail then it just means it might remain a dreamer forever :grinning:
  2. Sweet Child O’ Mine GnR - solo is sick, no idea if I ever will be able to learn it at all!
  3. Cliffs of Dover - let’s be real, never going to happen :rofl:

Oh, dreamer songs, yeah I have a LOT, and I’ve surprised myself recently but learning bits of some of them and having it sound half decent! Still miles off parts of them though… and most I haven’t attempted.

Some of my dreamer songs:

  • Say it ain’t so by Weezer
  • Back In Black by AC/DC - including the super long solo!
  • Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix
  • Here comes the sun by The Beatles
  • Under the bridge by RHCP
  • Satch Boogie - Joe Satriani (anything by Satch actually is a dreamer)

Some of those are a bit cliche but hey - there’s a reason they’re dreamers by so many.


Fun topic and enjoyable to read.

Q1: not a song. I watched the Rolling Stones concert film Let’s Spend the Night Together and was inspired to pick up a guitar by the music and Keef

Q2: I tend not to dream to far ahead, I guess I have doubts as to how far I can go as a player and musician, so am not that ambitious when dreaming about songs to play. That aside, here a few: Needle and the Damage Done, Landslide, Layla


I don’t mean this as a joke but…
i am a simple person (usually :roll_eyes:)… my dream songs are the ones I’m working on :smiley:…often literally ,before going to sleep I go through the song of the the day I practice the most in my head ( which is difficult if you do not see images, but now that I have recently learned/understood this, it is getting better)
and I fall asleep with it,and sometimes… .rarely but…I play like a star and the audience goes crazy when I play like never before and everything goes so easy and smooth and occasionally there are old musical friends or something of stature with a smile look behind the scenes … and then I wake up :confounded:
Currently it’s a bunch of blues lick in riff :sunglasses: