What are your ‘go to’ songs?

Imagine you are at a party or bbq or some social setting. Someone spots a guitar and knows that you play. They hand you the guitar and say play us a song

What would you play?

Right now it would be Bad Moon Rising by CCR. Not sure I could do another completely from memory yet.


I would say, which one you want to here.

Neil Young- Heart of gold, 4 non blondes - what’s Up, Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S…A, John Lennon - Working Class Hero, Soul Asylum - Runaway Train, The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun, John Denver - Leaving On A Jet Plane or R.E.M.- Everybody hurts .There are a few others I know but those would be my go to’s right now . Can play all by heart.

Should be interesting to see what others would have.

Rock on!


First, I wouldn’t go to such a party - oh wait, i just did. Granddaughter’s wedding 2 weeks ago. Bachelor party. so much for that idea…

None of these are interesting since I don’t sing - except maybe for the first two. links are to Youtube of the version that captured my attention.

L’Homme Arme
Ja Nuns Hons Pris
Bang a Gong
The Jack
Smokestack Lightnin’

I don’t play it accurately, but folks don’t know the song so I get away with playing without the embellishments and changes in turn-around sections.
M&O Blues [spotify modern recording is no longer available]

An odd collection for sure.


My “Campfire Songs” are:

Brown Eyed Girl played fingerstyle ballad speed
Wonderful Tonight
Folsom Prison Blues
House of the Rising Sun
Git Along Little Dogies
Wagon Wheel - can’t remember all the lyrics but with that song you don’t need to, everyone listening sings loud enough to drown out the guitar!!!

Coming soon - Perfect & Wish You Were Here

That’s the extent of the songs I’d feel comfortable playing in front of other people!!!


The last song I learned is probably the only song I might be able to perform :roll_eyes: :rofl:
There’s loads of suggestions on this topic here :smiley:


Funnily enough Oasis features for me!!! :rofl: :upside_down_face: :face_with_peeking_eye:
But in no particular order:

  • Half the World Away
  • Songbird
  • Man On The Moon
  • Have You Ever Seen The Rain
  • Sunday Jen

Funnily enough Live Forever is possibly one of mine

Not sure I could just play all of it off by heart though, same with Wonderwall just the main E, G, D, A etc part

I really want to have at least 3 songs in there I can just play at any time but cant decide which ones


good choices those! Nice bit of variety too

cheers will check that out, and yep agreed about ‘the last song I learned’ thats why I think I really need to embed 2 or 3 completely so I’ll never forget them :slight_smile:

Quite a varied selection there!!!

I’d deny that I could play guitar and insist that they had me confused with someone else!

If that didn’t work then probably another vote for Bad Moon Rising! Everyone else would have to know the words as I can’t yet sing and play.


Paul @MrPB

I have six Songs I can play and sing from memory

Brown Eyed Girl

Bad moon Rising

Take me Home Country Roads

Leaving on a Jet Plane

And two others I am keeping secret for an Community OM

On my iPhone and iPad I have about 40 other songs in SongbookPro that I can play from the chords or have learned to play in the past that I could have a reasonable go at, with the chords in front of me.

Without sounding big headed if somebody suggest a song and I could find the chords on line in Justin’s Tabs or UG and they are not too involved I would give it a go. Why do I sound so confident, because it happens nearly every time at the guitar club, you get chord sheet for a song that you don’t know and have to play, ok the rhythm might be just down strums and be far from perfect but in a party situation don’t think that would really matter.
Michael :guitar::notes:


Cheers Michael
I had a quick look at SongBook pro last night funnily enough, is there any massive benefit with that over an Ultimate Guitar subscription? I already have that with some tabs/chords saved into a playlist

Hi Paul, there is quite a detailed discussion here, that may help with some tips.

Paul @MrPB

A lot of people in the community use SongbookPro but be careful there is another one with a similar name I believe.

Not used UG playlist so don’t know what they do I just use it to download load chords into SongbookPro which I can then edit with a link to my windows laptop even though SongbookPro is on an Apple device. You can also load in pdf’s.

I think the cost of the App is only £5 at least it was when I bought it, for that cost worth a try I would have thought


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Does the subscription to UG allow you to upload tabor notation from anywhere? I don’t have that subscription, so unsure of its capabilities.

I have used the UG app and occasionally find useful stuff, but generally find better tab and notation for songs I am interested in elsewhere. Generally, I haven’t been all that impressed with UG tabs, at least the free version.

oh my ! someone who knows this song :open_mouth:
I love this song
I heard it played by Owain Phyfe and it blew me away

If my friends don’t mind a bit of clumsiness and some mistakes, I’ll try to play one of these songs, which I can get through on guitar, but I’m not at the point of singing too (except in my head).
Dead Flowers - Rolling Stones
Come by the Hills - The Clancy Brothers
It’s Good to be King - Tom Petty
Imagine - John Lennon
Jesus Just Left Chicago - ZZ Top


The first songs I can play and sing all the way through that come to mind are:

Folsom Prison Blues
House of the Rising Sun (fingerpicking)
Werewolves of London (simple 3 chord arrangement)
Locomotive Breath (simple 4 chord arrangement with no fancy intro)
Hotel California (intro picked then chords for the rest)