What bands have I missed after the mid 1990’s

The music I listen to and grew up with is from the 60’s through to the mid 90’s. After that I really stopped listening to what was popular at the time. I see in posts bands I have heard of but know nothing about their music.

So what bands should I catch up with.


Flag some norwegian music :grin:

Check out Madrugada - industrial silence
Art in its purest form :grin:


@tRONd Now that’s a band I have never heard of

Sadly they have not got the attention that they deserve outside Norway. In Norway they are considered as one of the best bands in recent times.
Check it out. Industrial Silence is their debut album back in 1999
To date one of the best debut albums i have ever heard…
its a slow going and melancolic album though, not the kind of music for cheerfull parties :grin:

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Depending what sort of music are you into? I could recommend a few and some are obvious choices plus probably you know of but if not it’s worth having a listen:

  • Soundgarden, Audioslave (which was more of early 00s) and anything Chris Cornell had his involvement in
  • Pearl Jam
  • Alice in Chains
  • Matchbox Twenty
  • The Offspring
  • Foo Fighters
  • Green Day

To start with I guess that’s enough :smiley:


Hi Michael,

if you like the music from the 60’s through to the mid 90’s, why would you have missed anything at all? :wink:

Must confess I have not heard of any of them apart from Foo Fighters which I had heard of even before the recent tragic event.

It all depends on what sort of music you enjoy. Thinking of bands from mid 90’s onwards. You could check out any of the following:

  • Kula Shaker
  • Glasvegas
  • The Fratellis
  • Bastille
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Kings of Leon
  • American Authors

This is like opening Pandoras box! :grinning: I would get on Spotify and pull up a few playlists of the genres you used to like and within the last 3 decades…in all honesty that’s probably the best way. What sort of music had you used to like?

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What prompted me was that some videos and songs on the app I was just not aware

Again the only one I recognise is The Kings of Leon

Ah, okay. Well, I just try to play the chords (that’s hard enough :wink:), no matter if I know the song or not :joy:

@Rossco01 That would be difficult to pin down but I do like a good tune
brief list of ones I like
Dire straits


Yes you will have some catching up to do :grinning: Jason’s suggestion is great head over to Spotify or YouTube, open 90s rock playlist and set yourself for a long listen :grin:

@adi_mrok That sounds like the way to go now I have suggestions

or 2000 rock list or 2010 rock list or 2020 rock list! I mean there is just so much and so much more in the last 10-20 years since making and distributing music has got so much easier.

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Another way I have used to discover new bands that I might like is to use the allmusic.com website. Search for a band you like, then read up about the bands/artists they influenced, and select some to listen to. For example, I first discovered The Black Keys (formed 2001). Of course that keeps you sampling in a similar ocean, so to speak, rather than exploring different genres and trends.

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In spotify you can do things like search for “band” radio station and it will build a tracklist around that band that will include lots of different artists and songs that it “thinks” are similar. Similarly if you just start to listening to a particular track or tracks in Spotify it will then start playing additional tracks that it thinks you might like, again it will be different artists and from different timeframes. It’s very clever and a good way of being introduced to new and old music.

What are the chances @brianlarsen has their first three albums and an obscure 12" EP?



Hi Michael.
Never heard of this gentleman either?..has also played with a lot of those oldies that you at least know…John mayer
You now have enough tips to stray from your own guitar in the coming months :smile: