WHAT IF it wasnt so?

What if, just what if, the main event in your favourite song never actually happened? What if, in an alternate, parallel universe, it was all very different?

What if Tom Petty actually did back down? What if heaven really wasn’t in the backseat of Hot Chocolate’s cadillac? What if the Brown Eyed Girls eyes were actually blue?

These are the profound musings that keep me awake at night, providing some intellectual insulation from the harshness of this reality.
The upside of course, is this exercise provides a great little semantic workout for our linguistic brains; plus, its a whole lot of fun seeing what others comes up with. But, the big plus? Its gonna generate a pretty eclectic list of songs that possibly may have been hidden from you forevermore. It just may prompt you to say. " Hey, I remember that song. Might go an learn it".
Watcha got?

…off to learn me some Hot Chocolate riffs…:notes:…


What if Paul Simon just stayed at home instead of going to Graceland (before stopping in South Africa)? He wouldn’t risk Slip Slidin Away while travelling and he could have come up with 5000 ways to leave his lover

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What if disco was king?


What if T-Rex didnt Get it On?
What if Creedence never saw the rain?
What if Supertramp gave more than a liitle bit?
What if the Doobie Brothers never listened to the music?..
Would it still be a Wonderful World?

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What if Fleetwood Mac never went their own way?
What if Jethro Tull never sang songs in the wood?
What if Deep Purple never saw smoke on the water?
Would it still be a Wonderful World?


she hates me, yeaaaa, yeaaaaa, yeaaaaaa


What if you were here? :smiley:

What if Boys do Cry?

And if Robert Johnson never went down to the Crossroads would any of us be learning guitar?

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What if Nowhere Man was somewhere ?

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What if the Stones painted it, white?

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What if MxPx didn’t want to go to the Punk Rawk show?

What if Muma did not kill a man.

What if MAMA was a rolling stone?
What if Bruce wasn’t born in the USA?
What if Bruce wasn’t on fire?
What if Dave Gahan enjoyed the noise?
What if Elvis met the angel in disguise?
And what a horrible imagination: what if Gary Moore still got no blues?
What if The Little River Band never saw a face in the crowd?
What if it wasn’t an Englishman in New York?
What if Franky did it your way?

SHANE, what a rabbit hole is this???

What if these really are my pants? (Re: Five Iron Frenzy’s “These Are Not My Pants” rock opera.)

What if, Frankie didn’t say “relax”?
What if, The Psychedelic furs thought She was pretty in orange?
What if, Katie Melua was the closest thing to normal?
What if, Queen found someone to love?
What if, The Darkness didn’t believe in a thing called love?
What if, The boys weren’t back in town, then what Thin Lizzy do?
What if, Supertramp were having breakfast in Scunthorpe?

This could just go on and on.

This one’s going to run and run…just another couple!

What if U2 found a place where all the streets had names?
What if Metallica found that everything else mattered?

Look at all the great song ideas here already.
And who said People werent Strange? One Door closes another opens… :rofl:

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What if the stairway went to hell and the highway went to heaven?

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