WHAT IF it wasnt so?

What if everything else matters?
What if Pink Anderson and Floyd Council never existed? (:sob::sob::sob::sob:)
What if the Layla situation was a little bit less complicated?
What if communications never broke down??
For sure though the Battle of Balaclava and Paschendale are black pages in human history (as all wars) even though Iron Maiden made awesome songs…
What if Lady d’Arbanville wasn’t asleep?
What if people weren’t breaking the law?

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What if that wall wasn’t a real wonder?

(Close topic. :sunglasses:)

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What if Noel did look back in anger?


What if Pink Floyd were put of bricks for that wall…

I really miss the disco music.

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Hendrix - Green Bungalow. The Wind Cries Alfred.
Motorhead - Going To Skegness (and not Brazil).

Pssst Tony,
There is something like youwetubes(?) these days, you type what you want to hear and tadaaaa

Those were good times :sunglasses: :wink:

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What? Next thing you are going to tell me there’s a free place to learn the guitar with really good lessons?

A friend posted the album cover to Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds on social media and someone comments that it’s the ‘disco beat’ in a lot of the songs on that album.

Finding old disco music isn’t the challenge, I’m not hearing new stuff. Did hear a great band that played folk disco.

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I am pretty sure we do need education…

What if we can always get what we want? And get satisfaction?

What if Frank hadn’t done it his way, but was a copycat?

What, if there were no Stars on 45?


Not quite new, but the purest form of disco-pop I have heard in a long time :smiley:

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What if Jr. had a townhouse instead of a farm?

Pretty funny that I never knew the words to a lot of songs, well…actually I THOUGHT that I knew the words to songs. For instance, I thought the the Rancid song, Time Bomb said “The voice of John Bonnham” instead of “The boy’s a time bomb” and was wondering if he sang with Led Zepplin. :laughing:

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Was there ever a time when Pink Floyd was uncomortably numb?
Perhaps the Eagles really could tell us why.
Or maybe that pie wasnt American after all.

What if Billy Joel did, in fact, start the fire? :fire:

What if Johnny B. Goode was actually a mediocre guitar player at best?

What’s been going on at the House of the Setting Sun this whole time?

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Disco stood no chance once they started disco-izing things like the I Love Lucy theme song.

What if Tina’s friend turned out not be the best?
What if motorcycles were allowed in Nutbush?
What if Mary was actually shy and retiring?

What if there was only 98 balloons?

What if Miley didnt come in like a wreckingball?

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They’d probably have to raise that speed limit too then :laughing:

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