WHAT IF it wasnt so?

What if you didn’t pass the dutchie to the lefthand side?
What if the lion didn’t sleep at night?
What if Frank didn’t do it his way or go to Hollywood?
What if Justin Sandercoe didn’t pity the rose from Katie’s window?

What if I hadn’t decided to play guitar?
-my life would be far less rich! Thanks for all the fun!

What if our love is shallow?

What if the Desperado already came to his senses?

What if those Heroes were Cowards?

What if that Gong was not Banged?

What if Kurt and the band wouldn’t come (to the stage) as they were?

What if Jofn Frusciante (over)Dosed and would never manage to record Californication, By the Way and Stadium Arcadium albums with the peppers?

What if Jerry Cantrell’s dad wasn’t called the Rooster, would we be listening to The Chicken nowadays? :laughing:

What if the Five-and-Dime had run out of six-strings?

What if every rose didn’t have a thorn?
What if every girl hated a sharp dressed man?
What if Boston stopped believin’?
How ‘bout if the wasn’t a Whole lotta Rosie….

Time to stop now Tod… go pick up your guitar :guitar:!!!