What is a “good” acoustic guitarist?

I know the very question is absurd, as it is so subjective.

I ask, though, to get some feedback.

I strictly a player for fun, all cover songs. Not in a band, just play for myself and have done two open mics

I actually sang and played. Never played in front of anyone before.

I’ve been immersing myself in the strumming SOS course and realized when I did my open mic my sense of timing was non existent, and my strum pattern, if you could call it that, was questionable. All to say this performance was not at Madison Square Garden, but in a small bar, where all the beer drinking lowers standards

Now, the SOS class has made me so much better with strumming, different patterns and timing, which makes my singing — a generous description — better

So, what makes you hear a solo acoustic cover player, a regular person, and think they are “good”

Give me, community friends, a goal

Thank you



In time, expressive and creative.

If its not in time its not really music.

Add on top of that you have so much control over dynamics on an acoustic right under your fingertips.

So changes of volume and tone and strumming etc.

Creativity in adding detail to the song, all those little embellishments, percussion etc.

For me its people like this



Thanks for the insight

It’s more about being entertaining. It’s called the entertainment business for a reason. If you are boring it really doesn’t matter how well you play and sing. I’d rather watch someone with mediocre talent having fun than someone who is technically great but boring. Also being in tune and have good timing. Nothing destroys a performance like being out of tune or bad rhythm.


Appreciate this, stitch

Incredible players

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They are, there are plenty of others with similar skills / different styles

I dont think you have to go quite that far but its always good to be adding new things to your basic techniques


My aim :smiley:

My reality :rofl:


It appears that my aim is to have such terrible rhythm and timing that it is entertaining.:man_facepalming:t3:

Entertaining can mean a lot of things, of course. From a big stage event to a the intensity of a single focused player.

If the music is played technically perfectly and with expression, that is entertainment enough.

For those of us with less developed talents, maybe we need a stage gimmick. I am going for the dancing elephants, it will drown out my poor rhythm…


If a player can get me to listen all the way to the end, I would call that a good cover. It doesn’t even have to be an accomplished player. If you can inspire, have decent dynamics, veer away from a note for note to strum for strum copy of the original song, and do not link to an unlisted track, you will be pretty good in my book. Also, don’t be afraid to cut it short. :slight_smile:


What is the issue with unlisted tracks? I assume you mean those YT urls shared? You still can see exactly the same content or there is a catch there?

Unlisted tracks can only be seen by those you share the link with. Private can only be seen by you. Published is out there for the world to see.

Someone who either makes me feel like I can’t help tapping my foot and sing along or gives me goosebumps with his/her personal interpretation of one of those many old tunes from one of my favourite songwriter/artist (probably from my own country and in my mothertongue language). Hope this helps :blush:


You mean those on a spiderweb? Trust me, they do miracles :grin:

True, but once you share unlisted video, the audience can see the content unrestricted - same as if you shared public video. So, I don’t understand why Clint doesn’t like unlisted option - that is how I understood his post. Am I missing something?

Apologies for going off topic Tom (@Thallman).
I didn’t comment as what Rick (@stitch) wrote above perfectly summarise my opinion.

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I guess my bar isn’t very high…I usually think someone is “good” if I listen and think, “I wish I could do that”! Hopefully that will change as my skills improve. :slight_smile:


Clint encourages folk to put there work out there to everyone. That’s fine if you are Clint and want to do that, most of the stuff on my channel is Public. But it is a choice, so its up to you. Unlisted only goes to those who have access to the link.

If you want folk here to see it just don’t leave it Private.



Although, the link is more or less in the public domain as you don’t need to log into the community to see and post do show up in search engine results. It will mean that your videos won’t be visible as suggested content kn youtu.be.

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Good enough for me when I go low pro !

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I never post my guitar videos public, always unlisted.

Sure they may be searchable and findable if you really look hard but nobody is going to bother with that