What Other Instruments?

How many of you play multiple instruments? Which ones? And what’s your preferred instrument?

I play piano and bass and am only learning the guitar now.

I can play songs on piano but I’ll sometimes have to mess around to find the right arrangements. I pretty much play chords in the right hand with the occasional easy fills, and octaves/fifths in the left.

The bass is my preferred instrument of the two. I can play well enough to jam with other musicians, I have played bass in church regularly, and I can come up with bass lines. Still think of myself as somewhere between beginner and intermediate. I’m a really good beginner player and a really bad intermediate one. Lol.

I’m loving the guitar. Not sure if it’s going to be my preferred or not, but it’s the one I’m focused on and plan to put the most time into.

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Used to a long time ago, piano/organ, sax, touch of drums, a little bass.


My first go at an instrument was the trumpet, circa 3rd grade. Didn’t go well, I could barely get a sound out of it.

A few years later I started into lessons on the organ, eventually progressing to a year or so with a classical instructor.

Then picked up the guitar around age 12-14.

These days I would say I play guitar and keys, but don’t claim great proficiency for either.

I dabble with a few instruments, none of which I feel I’m particularly competent at:

  • Piano: got to grade 3 as a kid and then gave up because I hated the teacher I wish I had continued. I have dabbled and learned a little since then, but not much
  • Guitar: I consider myself intermediate, but lacking in practice, due to work and life pressures. I play electric and acoustic, but mostly electric
  • Bass: Still a beginner. I picked up bass a few years ago but, after a burst of learning for about a year, life got in the way and I’ve not really touched a bass for over 2 years. that may change soon.
  • Ukulele: I have a cheap Uke that my family got me for Xmas one year. I messed with it a bit, but it’s not really my thing
  • Drums: I have messed with a bit and, recently, took over some lessons from my wife as she hurt her leg. Still, definitely, a beginner
  • Finger drums: I’ve got an MPK Mini with 8 drum pads, and have been messing with those, and doing some exercises with the Melodics app. Still a beginner though
  • Hand bells: This is a team game as you only have two hands and I can’t ring more than 2 bells “in hand” (some more advanced ringers can do 4 in-hand). We’ve done plain hunting and Plain Bob with one group, and some tune ringing with another group.
  • Church Bells: Not really a musical instrument in the normal sense, as we don’t ring tunes (and church bells are not really suited for it, although we have done some simple tunes on them as an exercise). I can do simple method ringing including Plain Bob Doubles, although I’ve not touched a rope for well over a year due to being out of the UK.

I also have a harmonica that I’ve never got beyond doing simple scales, and various percussive instruments I have messed around with including a cajon, a kashaka, and a djembe. These are at my home in the UK, so I don’t have access to them at the moment. I’m hoping to be able to get to the Tribe of Doris festival next year so I can take the djembe workshop. Last year I did a workshop on the Dundun.



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I play mainly Guitar, Acoustic and Electric; Bass at beginner level, Keys at beginner level; Fife/Flute at beginner level; Finger piano for fun; Cajon - I made my own; Ukulele plus Ukulele bass and that’s about it but I’m a sucker for looking at others and sometimes give in to the weakness - gives rise to a few cupboard queens :grin:

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I started my musical journey with the Piano some 23 years ago. We had an old Keyboard at home, where I did some baby steps on my own. At school, we had Pianos in the music rooms and were allowed to play in the breaks. My former teacher heard me fooling around, grabbed me and asked if I’m having lessons already, I denied. He then came to visit my parents (was their music teacher back in the days as well) and convinced them to get me a Piano and lessons, so he became my piano teacher for 8 years. :smiley:

Some 20 years ago, I also started my guitar journey, which I took up last year again after ~10 years of break.

I had a quick fling with the Bass back then, played it occasionally in school choir, where I was singing, too. I plan taking this up again in future.

Fooled around on Drums, Flutes and Violin as well, the latter might also be considered in the farther future.

Lastly, I had an attempt on learning 5-string Banjo some years back and will pick this one up, when time permits.

But for now, main focus will be on Guitar (and singing) as time for practice is quite restricted these days.


My first experience of music and a instrument was clarinet at school I did it for a couple of years but when I left school we could not afford one so that was that. Many years ago :scream:

Are you familiar with this;


:rofl: I’m just joking. :rofl:
I wouldn’t even class myself as guitar player. :sweat_smile:


I played the recorder for several years when I was a kid. Back then I always wanted to play the piano, but my parents couldn’t afford it.
Now, I have a piano in my living room but no intention to play :sweat_smile:.

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On top of the guitar, I play around with some harmonica, piano, synth, and a little bit of finger drumming. I’m likely to add bass guitar in the next few months as there is a headless bass kit I’ve got my eye on.

Vox :open_mouth:

Those of you who have been aroudn here know:

  • Vocalist
  • Guitar

Lesser known things

  • Harmonica (diatonic): beginner with some “bending”
  • first steps into piano and synth stuff
  • basic drums

Learning some practical theory via JustinGuitar made my first steps on piano go straight to playing around with some very basic, one-handed triad chords :smiley:

edit; ah yes, forgot bass :smiley:

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For me, just guitar these days.

I did play drums a lot in my teens, for about 6-7 years. Got quite good, a solid intermediate. But haven’t played kit in 20 years.

I also have a pi drum hand pan, a metal drum tuned to Am pentatonic. Which is fun to tap beats out on.

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  • Piano was my first instrument. I’m not bad, but I’m rusty, these days.
  • Violin was my second instrument, but I only had a year of that (in elementary school). I’m awful.
  • Guitar was my third instrument, and is my “main” instrument.
  • A bit of mandolin, a bit of uke
  • Can play bass like a guitarist (not like a real bassist)
  • Block flutes (recorder and whistle) - these are fun (some low whistle on this track, a different low whistle on this track, and multiple recorders on this track)
  • A little harmonica - this is fun, too (a bit of harmonica on this track)
  • Can play a basic beat on a drum set.
  • Some singing (most of my recordings include vocals)

I have other misc. instruments (including a cello I want to learn to play), but I hesitate to say I can actually play them. More like “I can make some noise with them…” :slight_smile:

Apart from guitar and singing, I started to learn piano about 18 months ago while recovering from a broken wrist that, at the time, I worried was going to end my guitar playing days. It didn’t, and I’ve now got back to where I was before the injury, and then made further progress on guitar, and I’ve continued with piano.

There doesn’t seem to be a keyboard equivalent of JG, if you want structured, progressive, lessons in the same mould you have to pay. I got 6 months free use of my daughter’s Pianote account as she wasn’t using it, then I’ve paid for this year, and it’s well worth the money!

I also had a bash at harmonica, I can play “When the Saints”, do a bit of blues chugging and even bend reliably on holes 1 and 4 (and about one in three attempts at bending hole 2 if I make a noise in my throat like Darth Vader).

However, I’m finding it hard to fit in practice time for 3 instruments, so I’ve put the harmonica on hiatus at least until I finish module 19 (and more realistically, probably until I finish all of grade 3 of Justin’s beginners course

BTW if anyone’s interested in piano lessons I have 4 codes to give away for a 30 day free trial of Pianote, just hit me up if you want one


Kazoo and garden center plastic bucket.

I have played the bass but my true love is the acoustic guitar. Recently I joined an old timey music group and that’s making me dust off the old Appalachian dulcimer and get some old timey tunes working on it.

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I did play drums in my late teens early twenties.

Did piano for a while in my thirties.

Guitar now and as far as I can tell this I will stick with until I no longer can but I also intend to start on the piano again at some point.

Drum kit is my first instrument, which I started a bit over 30 years ago. I’ve played in lots of church bands over that time.

I started to learn guitar so that I could play some tunes more independently. I