What song are you currently learning?

I’m just being curious. How’s it going?


Brown sugar by the Stones with the electric and All the pretty girls by Kaleo on the acoustic, the first one just focused on the playing and the second one while singing, a bit of everything.


Well that’s called spoiler alert for those who are putting and listening to stuff on AVOYP section of the Community so I will hold back with my answer :smiley: I can say 2 songs, one very complicated where I need to probably implement some looper action in and other just a simple strumming song with a bit of a walkup/down the strings. :slight_smile:


I’m working on this version of The World I’ve Known with a jam buddy. He plays the rhythm and sings I’m doing the fills.


I’m working on 2 songs: Rock and Roll All Nite by KISS, song number 6 in Justin’s rock song book and Rock N Roller by Troy Stetina song number 4 in his Metal rhythm guitar method. It is a complete coincidence that both have blues inspired rhythms with changing between the 5th and the 6th for the power chords.

I pretty much have Rock and Roll All Nite down so I’ll be posting that either this weekend or the weekend after. Troy’s song though is much harder and I’m a ways away from playing that well enough to post. I’m betting at least a month, but who knows. :slight_smile:


Wow, :sunglasses:
Another new one for me…it goes on the ever-growing list of songs to practice…beautiful

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That’s why I always ask this question. To find new songs :sweat_smile:

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No Mutant,stop…( although the song is beautiful)…I mean the list of songs (really more than 100) that I still have to learn well :joy: :sweat_smile: … but nice that you have inspiration again :sunglasses:, there are 9 tabs open with only songs that I practiced today… :see_no_evil:

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Peaceful Easy Feeling by The Eagles.
Bought the CD of Greatest Hits many decades ago, I like their music.
Never thought at the time I would be learning to play and sing the song.
Michael :grinning:


The songs I’m learning are probably no one else’s cup of tea.

I would offer that if you learn chord progressions a multitude of songs will follow organically. Tell us which chords you know and we can offer suggestions.

Learn the chords in a key. Cmaj as an example:
I-ii-iii-IV-V-vi-(skip vii)
Cmaj-Dmin-Emin-Fmaj-Gmaj-Amin-(skip Bdim)

Change the key and the numbers stay the same but the chords follow in like fashion. Learn common chord progressions based on the chords of a key. Play these progressions and tell us which songs you hear:

  1. I-V-vi-IV
  2. I-IV-V
  3. I-vi-IV-V
    There are many more so have at it.

With this info you get some music theory, ear training and the ability to discover your own songs.


Hi Alexis.
I am looking forward to hearing that one. Hope to see you in the star child makeup-just kidding. I’m glad you are making the most out of Troy’s book. I still have it and it does have some really good riffs he wrote.

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I’m not sure which song I will try to post yet. I am going back to other songs I have already learned and trying to improve upon them. The songs I have been playing this week that I haven’t previously posted here are:
Move Along-All American Rejects
Be Like that- 3 doors down
Learn to fly-Foo Fighters
Jumper- 3rd eye blind

It has been a while since I put anything out there that has been really decent. Still trying to improve though. Good luck to everyone on your songs


That is a very playable song if you use Justin’s lesson he shared. I played it recently and my friend wanted me to play the fancier version-didn’t work for me so stuck with Justin’s version. Great choice.

The Beatles, Get Back. Specifically, John Lennon’s part. He played a mix of both rhythm and lead on this song since George had quit the band and came back only shortly before the rooftop concert. I am almost always learning at least one Beatles song at any given time. My ultimate goal is to be able to play all the songs they played on the roof from beginning to end. A lot of work, but so much fun!

I have also been messing around with Monkey Wrench by the Foo Fighters and Say it ain’t so by Weezer when I want something a bit heavier.


My challenge song is Older Chests - Damien Rice, playing it to the metronome can’t quite sing along yet.

Also Hotel California, with a strum that’s new for me and was quite a challenge to sing without stuffing up the strum, it’s really starting to come together
Signs - Five man electrical band - got it working well, just need lots more practice as I have worked out a creative video project for it
Sounds of Silence, early days

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Now that would be telling. Always keep them under wraps until posting in AOVYP or the next JGC OM. Always an iron or 5 in the fire. :fire:


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Jeff @SDKissFan
Agree a great song.
Yes I am following Justin’s lesson on the song as it has the tabs. Learning it with OF but I am working on RUST pattern 16 Bass DU Bass Du so I can use this for the verse keeping OF for the chorus. Already learned the words for singing, and memorised the chord sequence and now in the process of putting the two together. I work that way round as I find the words help me to get the chord changes at the right time.
Michael :notes:

Currently trying to learn Landslide and Tears in Heaven. Enjoying the process for both although progress is slow!

Edit: also just adding Stand By Me as I’m trying to learn the backbeat hit (and loving this so much)

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Nice thread. Cool to hear what others are working on.

For me I have a few:

Greenday (fav):

  • Basket case
  • boulevard of broken dreams (getting pretty happy with)
  • Good riddance (picking while strumming coming along)
  • Brainstew (easy one really)

Jonny Cash

  • Hurt (that all change from Am to F gives me grief)

Sex Pistols

  • Anarchy in the UK - solos need serious work

Otherwise having fun working through a bunch of the Transcribe suggestions in the beginners lessons.


:joy::joy: I don’t have that problem, yet