What to read/watch about guitar?

I’ve just re-started my guitar journey and I need some sort of inspiration. Maybe you can recommend some books or documentary films about guitar. Not the ones which teach technique or music theory, but that tell the history of guitar. And also maybe some interviews with guitar players where they talk about not actually playing the instrument, but how they started and what inspired them to pick up the guitar and do what they do. Any kind of visual and written information about guitar when you don’t want to practice playing or studying theory. Just to relax and spend an evening reading or watching to complement the leaning process.


some of the Gibson Factory tours are really fun to watch:

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Gary Clark jr is my favourite guitarist so I’m greatly inspired by his story:

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Is there a particular music genre you are interested in ? There is so much out there, so that may help to narrow things down a little. However most modern music and I am talking from the 1950/60s onward is very much based on the Blues. Lots of good videos on YouTube on the history of the Blues. A quick search will help you find something.



Well, actually I can’t say that I like one particular genre more than others. And you are right about Blues, I think it’s good to start digging into it when you are learning guitar and see how modern styles of music originated from it. Thanks for your reply, appreciate that!

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A good insight into the Blues effect on “modern” music is Keith Richards. There are some good documentaries where Keef talks about the influence on the Rolling Stones but he has great knowledge as well. I could make suggestions but @DavidP is likely to have few good ones booked marked. Jimmy Page is another artist worth checking out regards influence. All those “original” Led Zep tracks where pretty much early Blues covers.

So yep absolutely a good place to start.


Thanks for all the links and replies you sent to me, guys! I’ll definitely find this information very usefull!

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Part 2 of my first link. Lots of good stuff here.


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Take a look at this, many hours you can spend without a guitar in your hands and you also get to know your teacher through and through…

And for some blues history with raw edges…

Monochrome: Black,White&Blue


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Very interesting video. Glad I watched. :+1: thanks

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The Beatles Get Back doco if you haven’t already seen it. This one is not so much about guitar history but it’s a great insight into the song writing process. The fly on the wall view of how such well known songs came to fruition was very interesting and a joy to watch.

I read the book Guitar Zero: the Science of Becoming Musical at Any Age by Gary Marcus when I got started. I got a lot of enjoyment and inspiration from it.

There’s this:



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The doc “It Might Get Loud” is basically Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge hanging out and talking about music and guitars for 2 hours. It’s pretty awesome.


Thanks for posting, Toby! Hope to find some time soon to see both videos! My blues train picks up momentum, good accompanying addition. Already unpatient to dive deeper into this style of music.

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I tend not to bookmark actually. There is just so much on YouTube. Here’s the most recent one I watched and enjoyed: David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust | Full Movie | David Bowie | Bob Carruthers - YouTube

And another couple from my "Watch Later’ The Rolling Stones: Their Formative Years | Under Review 1962-1966 | Amplified - YouTube and The VeeJay Records Story - YouTube

And of course the more you watch the more The Algorithm pushes your way.

When it comes to books, I’ve read biographies or autobiographies of the musicians I admire, such as Life (Keith Richards) and Shaky (Neil Young).

More general, I think Zen Guitar is worth a read and books by Elijah Wald, such as Escaping the Delta.

Again, far too many options and lots depends on your interests.

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